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Special Moons: Super, Blue, Sidhe and Black moons and Lunar Eclipses

Special Moons

Throughout the year there are new and full Moons that take on a special appearance, such as the blue Moon and the super Moon. Each one is unique and deserves a little bit of extra attention as they bring some special magic with them.

Super Moon

When the Moon is at its closest point to Earth in her monthly orbit, we call it a super Moon. Because she is at her closest point to the earth, she appears to be much bigger in the sky. It happens when the earth, the Moon and the Sun all align. This happens almost once a year (roughly every fourteenth full Moon). The term ‘superMoon’ seems to be fairly modern but it does what is says on the tin. A superMoon does seem to put out more power including creating stronger tides on the earth. From a magical stand-point super Moon power should be utilized to the max. Don’t waste the opportunity of extra oomph in your workings. The energy and power will be much stronger and more intense. Everything will be heightened and amplified.

Super Moon spell tips and activities:

• Work with the super Moon by connecting with the element of water in all its forms.

• Any spell work will be increased so try working a magnifying glass into your spell work to ‘amplify’ the magic.

• The super Moon is an excellent time to work a dedication whether it is to your pathway, coven or a particular deity.

• Drawing down the Moon on a super Moon is uber powerful, mind you don’t get knocked off your feet!

• You may want to work some serious grounding exercises after the super Moon.

• Super Moon water or Moon cords will store extra Moon magic energy. If you don’t have time for making Moon water (seriously, it doesn’t take much effort though) or a Moon cord, pop a crystal under the super Moon to charge with special energy.

Micro Moon

If there is a point when the Moon is at its closest to the earth and appears larger there must be an opposite. Yup, when the full Moon is at its farthest from the earth it…well, actually it won’t look much different at all to the naked eye to be honest. It also happens almost yearly but is only really noticeable to those science bods with special equipment to see it. You may just think the Moon seems a little less bright than usual. The energy from a micro Moon will be gentle and kind.


A lunar eclipse is a full Moon eclipse.

A solar eclipse is a new Moon eclipse.

When a celestical body moves into the shadow of another celestial body wholly or in part we get an eclipse. They are quite mystical events. I cannot even begin to imagine what ancient civilisations thought about an eclipse, it must have seemed pretty scary. In fact, even now when it happens with all our understanding of the event it does seem to cast an eerie feeling over everything.

Basically, you get the full Moon phase in a very short period of time, the Moon appears as waxing, waning and reappearing during an eclipse. Use this condensed whole Moon cycle to work some powerful magic. Your spell work is going to be super amplified.

Eclipse spell tips and activities:

• An eclipse definitely carries a huge amount of power. We are talking full or new Moon magic ‘go large’!

• Eclipses have the power of kicking us back onto our rightful paths, whether we want to go or not. Humans have a habit of wandering into the wilderness and being easily distracted…ooh look shiny things…An eclipse brings us back into line. This can be challenging because generally we don’t like change especially sudden ones. We must learn to trust that the magic of the Moon knows best.

• An eclipse can also give us insight, clarity and a doorway to the Otherworld.

• Good for meditation, transformation, personal growth, spiritual development, changes and opportunity.

• Work spells for intuition, psychic abilities, divination, wisdom, healing, connection, divine, magical abilities.

Blue Moon

Generally a blue Moon is considered to be the second full Moon in a calendar month. Although originally a blue Moon was categorized as the third full Moon in a season that has four full Moons. Usually there are only three full Moons in a season. The season being the period between a solstice and an equinox or vice versa. Are you still with me? The idea of the blue Moon being the second in a calendar month seems to be a modern idea that surfaced during the 1940s due to incorrect information being published. And as happens in these cases, the misinformation was repeated and the idea seems to have become accepted over the original definition.

We all know the phrase ‘once in a blue Moon’ which relates to the occurrence being infrequent but where did the term come from? There is no definite answer that I am aware of, only suggestions. In old English the word ‘betrayer’ translates as ‘belewe’ which may have evolved over time to become ‘blue’. The term ‘betrayer’ was used for the extra full Moon that didn’t fit into the usual pattern of twelve. Apparently, some research has shown that in the 16th Century the term ‘blue Moon’ translates as ‘absurd’ and in the 18th Century ‘blue Moon’ meant ‘never’. During the 19th Century we started to see actual blue tinges to the Moon caused mainly by natural and man mage disasters affecting the atmosphere and causing the full Moon to appear blue in colour.

The magical energy of a blue Moon is a bit special. It is ramped up and super charged. For me this is the time to ask for something out of the ordinary, something you wouldn’t normally request because it might be a bit far fetched. Play on the idea of ‘once in a blue Moon’ and run with it. Definitely a Moon for dreams and wishes. Give it time to work though, blue Moon magic can take time, even up to the next blue Moon to work, but know that it is ticking away in the background the whole time. It is good for long term projects.

Blue Moon spell tips and activities:

• Be clear about your intentions, show the blue Moon that you really want this and that your will is strong for the goal.

• Take a cleansing ritual bath with the energy of the blue Moon in the skies.

• Talk to the blue Moon, tell it what you want or need.

• Write a petition asking the blue Moon energy to remove all the things in your life that no longer serve you, leave it out under the Moonlight and then burn it the following day.

• Dance or bathe in the blue Moon light.

• Pick leaves, berries, seeds and flowers on the blue Moon and dry them for magical use, they will have an extra boost of energy.

• Pop a silver coin in your pocket, stand outside under the blue Moon and turn the coin over. Take the coin and place it on your altar to bring you good luck and fortune.

• The blue Moon is a super fertile energy, work spells for fertility.

• Work with colour magic and the energy of blue; wisdom, faith, trust, honesty, peace and healing are some of the intents covered by the colour blue.

• Cleanse and recharge all your magical tools and crystals.

Sidhe Moon

If we have a second full Moon in a calendar month then it stands to reason that we may also have a second new Moon in a calendar month too. This second new Moon is often referred to as a sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’) or fairy Moon. It is believed by some to be an Otherwordly Moon.

Sidhe Moon spell tips and activities:

• This new Moon is good for psychic work and connecting with the Otherworld and the world of Fairy. It carries all the energy of the usual new Moon but perhaps with a little bit extra energy.

• It is a good time to work magic for new beginnings, new ventures and personal growth.

• However, to make room for new adventures you may need to cut some ties or have a clear out.

• The Sidhe Moon is perfect for spiritual death to enable rebirth.

• Do make an offering to the Otherworld and to the Fae at this time.

Black Moon

And then we have a black Moon. This usually refers to the third new Moon in a season that has four new Moons. This happens approximately once every thirty three months. The modern interpretation is to call the second new Moon in a month a black Moon, which happens approximately once every twenty nine months. And once every twenty years we get no new Moon in February, always February as it has less days than the other months. When this happens January and March will have a second new Moon. This can also happen with the full Moon.

Black Moon spell tips and activities:

• You also get an extra boost of super power with a black Moon.

• The new black Moon brings extra opportunities along with heightened intuition and self knowledge. A full black Moon is also super charged and extra good for inner work, divination and Otherworld connections.

• The black Moon is also excellent for releasing and banishing magic.

Blood Moon

Such a cool name that conjures up ideas of vampires and werewolves. It is however just the term for a total lunar eclipse. When the Moon moves behind the earth’s shadow completely. This happens almost once a year. The Moon appears to have a red hue that is caused by dust particles in the atmosphere, which makes it sound much more boring than actual blood. This again must have been scary to our ancestors, it may have felt like the end of the world.

Lunar occultation

Every twenty eight years or so the Moon moves into a position that obscures a few things from the sky. It actually hides Venus, Mars, Mercury and the star Regulus. This is called a lunar occultation.


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