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The Earth Spirit Series

A new series of books from the publisher Moon Books tackles the environment and how we can help to save it.

Earth Spirit: Saving Mother Ocean by Steve Andrews

A call to action to save our oceans and our future!

Earth Spirit: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope by James T Powers

It is time to listen to the voices of wisdom from our collective past before it is too late.

Earth Spirit: Confronting the Crisis by David Sparenberg

Living the wisdom of restorative Earth Spirituality.

Earth Spirit: Belonging to the Earth by Julie Brett

Exploring how we can all come together to work for a better future and develop a greater understanding of how we belong to the Earth.

Earth Spirit: Healthy Planet by Fred Hageneder

A concise summary of the global ecological crisis and our options for healing the planet.

Earth Spirit: The Circle of Life is Broken by Brendan Myers

The “Greening of the Self” didn’t happen. We can replace it with a philosophy of complex systems, moral summons, wonder, healing, and love.


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