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Weather Magic

Working with the weather

One of the useful aspects about working with the energy of any particular day or week is that you can figure the weather into your magical workings. If it is a beautiful warm sunny day you can work with the male energy of the sun or if there is a raging storm outside you can harness the powerful energy that it creates.

As for controlling the weather that is a tricky subject, what gives you, me or anyone else the right to interfere with Mother Nature and the weather that she brings. I might want a sunny day for my garden party but the local farmer may be desperate for rain to grow his crops, who takes precedence? Only you can make that decision for yourself and whether your needs outweigh others.

Brooms make excellent ‘wands’ for working weather magic as do umbrellas (open to bring rain, closed to keep it away).

Throw a broom up in the air to summon the winds. Burn the broom to stop the winds and bury the ashes.

Tie a holey stone to a cord and whip it around in the air to calm storms and settle strong winds.

Tie knots into a cord with the intent of working weather magic. When the weather is needed untie the knots so you might untie one knot for a breeze or light rain, untie two knots for a strong wind or steady rain and three knots for gale force wind or torrential rain.

Sometimes the land is in desperate need for rain and you can work some magic to help it arrive. You can just literally stand outside and chant to the sky asking it to rain, do a rain dance if you feel inspired to as well.

Or you can get a paper map and lay it out in front of you. Sprinkle uncooked rice onto the areas that you would like it to rain upon. Ask the gods, deity, the divine or whoever you work with to bring rain to the identified areas. Be careful to request ‘just enough’ rain and not too much, you don’t want floods…unless that is what you were aiming for of course.

Snow & ice

Where I live, we don’t tend to get a lot of snow and if we do it isn’t usually very much and it doesn’t stay long however if you do have snow then you can make all kinds of magic with it.

Basically, snow and ice are variations on frozen water so it carries all the magical properties that water does such as healing, cleansing and purifying and it is a very feminine energy. But because they are water in a transformed state they also bring the energy of transformation.

When you collect your snow will also change the energy, for instance if you scoop up a handful of the white stuff when fresh snow has laid and the land is still and silent it can be used in spell work for calming tempers or soothing situations. If you collect snow during a raging blizzard then it will pack a huge powerful punch of energy.

If you are tempted out into the snow and once you have finished your snowball fight how about that snowman? Think about it…a figure shaped from snow, does it remind you of anything? How about a large snow poppet? Build him by your front gate and charge him with protection duty.

If you want to get rid of a bad habit or feeling or even a person, the general idea is to write their name or the thing you want to banish on a slip of paper and pop it in the freezer. But you can work this spell using snow instead by burying the piece of paper or even writing the name or word in the snow. As the snow melts it takes away the item with it.

You can also write your wishes and goals in the snow, as it melts your intent is released to the universe.

Another way to get rid of bad habits or emotions is to dump those feelings into a snowball and throw it away from you as far as you can.

If the snow outside is quiet and peaceful, that perfect stillness you get then wrap up warm and go and sit outside for a bit, allow your mind to clear and see what messages the divine has for you.

Collect a jar full of snow and once it has melted use it as ‘snow water’. The same can be done with ice or icicles, pop them in a jar to melt.

Basically both ice and snow will eventually melt and in doing so they can take negative energy with them as they do so, cleansing and purifying as they go.

And of course…we mustn’t forget lying down on the ground to make snow angels…


Storms bring with them a huge powerful punch of energy so if there is a storm raging above you take advantage of all that magic. Torrential rain, thunder and lightning can be directed into all sorts of spell work. Work your spell with the storm overhead and visualise the energy from nature being directed down into whatever your magical working is. If you are feeling brave you can even stand outside in the storm and channel that energy through you, if you prefer to stay warm and dry then do your magical working by a window where you can see the storm. Obviously it goes without saying that to stand on top of a hill in a lightning storm is not advisable.

Storm water cleansing:

Collect rainwater during a storm then add this to your bathwater and also rinse your hair in it. Ask for cleansing and renewal as you bathe. The same can be achieved by collecting rainwater during a storm then heating the water up in a cauldron and wafting the steam over your body.


I am also just back from the short walk, everyone is hurrying along hidden beneath their coats and umbrellas but I like to take my time and feel the rain as it falls. It is after all water and that brings with it the magic of cleansing and purification. Rain is also linked to emotions so if you can connect with it and allow the water to literally wash over you it can help bring clarity and relief. For me the absolute best place to really experience rain is to be on the sea front with the ocean in front of you and the rain falling from above you, such power of from the elements.

The first spring rain is thought to be especially magical. Place a container outside at the spring equinox to collect the first rain. Use this rain water to bathe in for a whole year of luck and happiness, wash your face in it to bring youth and beauty. Wash your hair in it to keep romance alive. Sprinkle the water around your home for good luck and abundance.

Wind & air

The power of the wind is mighty and can be used for all sorts of spell work because not only is the wind refreshing, cleansing, purifying and full of the energy to aid with clearing out all kinds of unwanted baggage it can also be used differently depending on what direction the wind is coming from.

Invoking the winds for magical purpose is an ancient art and there are plenty of deities associated with the winds.

One of the main uses of wind in magic is to bring about change especially when utilising the energy from an east wind if your purpose is for new beginnings. The east wind brings renewal and can be used for any kind of spell work that involves the intellect such as intuition and psychic abilities but also for beginnings, improvements or transformation.

A wind from the south is hot and fiery bringing with it the power to work curses, hexes or any negative magic but also purification, love, lust, vitality and passion. South winds are also good for working banishing magic whether it is for toxic people, jealousy or selfish actions.

West winds swing in with fertility and love and to help with healing, cleansing, strength, emotions, happiness, sleep and dream work.

The power of the north wind is one of sudden and unexpected changes that may require a bit of attention and work to deal with. However the north wind also helps dispel bad habits, material gain, money, prosperity and organisational skills.

Air in general is a courier of messages and our breath itself can be used as magic to breathe energy and intent into items, to whisper petitions to the wind and to cleanse and purify objects.

And to turn things on their head the wind can also be used very successfully for curses. Stab a knife into the wind and wrap it carefully in a piece of fabric. The knife can then be used to send a hex into whatever spell you stab it into to (poppet for instance) with the full power of the wind behind it.

Wind/air magical properties: Movement, intelligence, divination, concentration, visualisation, travel, study, freedom, knowledge, lost items, thought, teaching, happiness, beginnings and communication.

Uses: Throwing items to the wind, fanning, visualisation and cleansing/clearing.


If you would like to watch the replay of my talk on weather magic, click the link below:

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