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What's going on?

The Kitchen Witch team have taken a slight pause over the summer months with regard to online events. Just really to give ourselves a bit of a breather and time to plot, plan and scheme things going forward.

Whilst it may seem a little quiet on the outside, there is a lot going on behind the scenes so I thought I would jot down what we are up to:

Kitchen Witch:

Keep an eye out in the autumn for some new online events, particularly regular online open rituals.

Students of the school keep an eye on the forum and private fb group as we are continuing with the monthly study hall sessions.

We had such an amazing time at Pagan Tribal Gathering we have already booked our tickets for next year and we will also be rocking up with our own Kitchen Witch trader tent for the first time ever!

Other plans are in the works, keep an eye on social media for announcements.


I have been invited to host some more online events with the College of Psychic Studies. The Samhain workshop in October is on the website now, others to follow.

This month I signed a book contract with the very fabulous Fenix Flames Publishing, the book will be all about Hedge Witchcraft, more details to follow.

My first oracle deck with Animal Dreaming Publishing has been submitted for edit, this one is Magical Herbs. Publication details will follow once I know them. This is the first of four decks which I am really excited to be working on, the others will be Magical Food, Spell Crafting and Grimoire.

My third book with Llewellyn will be published in December and is titled Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick and Wax. It is available for pre-order now from all the usual suppliers.

Moon Books: I am continuing to write for the lovely publisher Moon Books and my latest book Gods & Goddesses of England has been released with a bang! Lots of you lovely people pre-ordered it and I cannot thank you enough.

My next book to be released through Moon Books is The Element of Water which comes out in November, it is available to pre-order now via the usual suppliers.

Pagan Portals Dragon Magic is currently in production and will be published in June 2024. I loved delving into the world of dragons and this book has some amazing artwork on the cover, designed by the very talented Matty Greenfield.

I currently have several other signed contracts with Moon Books to write:

Pagan Portals Sulis which I am working on at the moment, should be finished with the manuscript within the next month.

Pagan Portals Minerva

Household Magic

Witchcraft: Daily Practice

These three are currently in the ‘drafting ideas’ stage!

There are several other projects under way but all of these are in the ‘sssssh not ready to announce yet’ stage. As soon as I am able to, I will let you know about them.

Myself, Ness, Heather and Sue will have a stall at the Wandering Witches fair on Saturday 4th November, if you are in the area do come up and say hi.

My weekly online chats have continued, they are currently on a Wednesday morning at 9am (UK) on my author fb page and my YouTube channel. Previous chats can be found on replay.


Both my YouTube channel and the Kitchen Witch YouTube channel have numerous videos available on lots of different Craft subjects, rituals and spell workings.




My personal blog and the Kitchen Witch blog have heap loads of information available at the click of a mouse.

Ping us

If you would like me and/or the team to join you at your event, festival or conference please do get in contact.

If you would like me/us to talk or write about a particular subject, let us know.

We are here

In the wonderful world of technology we can all support each other easily no matter where we are in the world. If you need us, we are here, just reach out.


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