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Working Magic with Quartz Crystals

Quartz (clear)

Probably one of the most common and well known of crystals, the quartz is such a useful, good all-round stone. This stone is a ‘jack of all trades’ and actually really is a master of all of them too. Quartz crystal is made from silicon dioxide. They sometimes have other minerals in the, creating shadows or shapes and making them rutilated. Double ended clear quartz and quartz points are often used as ‘master healers’ being able to channel illness and pain out from the body. It is a very powerful stone and can also be used to cleanse other crystals. The name ‘quartz’ is from the Greek word ‘krustallos’ which translates as ‘ice’. It was believed that the Gods created it and people believed it to be ice.

Quartz magical properties

Purification, cleansing, healing, calming, emotions, strength, support, spirituality, energy, balance, psychic abilities, motivation, uplifting, decisions, anxiety, divine connection, amplifying, focus, meditation, manifestation, channelling, protection, negative energy, clarity, wisdom, concentration, learning, spirit work, communication, astral travel, divination, dreams, harmony

Energy Projective, Receptive

Planet Sun, Moon

Element Fire, Water

Zodiac Leo, Gemini, Capricorn

Use a quartz point to direct energy to your intent in spell work.

If you only ever use one crystal, make it this one. It is so versatile and can be charged and programmed for pretty much anything.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse with running water, incense smoke or visualisation, you can also cleanse quartz in a bowl of dried rice or a mixture of dried flower petals and herbs. Quartz also responds well to cleansing with crystal bowls or bells. Charge under the moonlight, sunlight or bury in the soil.

Quartz (Rose)

For me, rose quartz is a very gentle, calm energy and most definitely one filled with love. It really is a stone of the heart and all matters attached to it. But don’t be fooled, just because the energy is gentle it does pack a powerful punch of magic. The base of the stone is quartz, but the colour is created by impurities such as titanium, manganese and iron.

Rose quartz magical properties

Love, happiness, emotions, spirituality, growth, fears, healing, sexuality, passion, calming, soothing, stress, depression, sleep, luck, wisdom, inspiration, success, intuition, grounding, balance, prosperity, self-esteem, harmony, trust, jealousy, gossip, beauty, peace, cleansing, fertility

Energy Receptive

Element Earth, Water

Planet Venus, Moon

Zodiac Taurus

Place a piece of rose quartz in your purse or wallet to attract money.

Pop a piece of rose quartz in the far-right corner of your home to bring love and happiness in.

Rose quartz is a love stone but particularly for self-love and friendships.

Work with rose quartz for emotions and all matters of the heart.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse regularly under luke warm running water. Quartz can also be cleansed by placing it next to an amethyst or another quartz crystal. Don’t place in the sunlight as it can fade. Charge in moonlight.

Rose quartz divination meaning

Love is in the air…la la la la laaaaa. This stone is bringing you all that smushy, romantic lurve stuff. It arrives with red roses, chocolates and a big ole bottle of bubbly, dressed James Bond style. There can be no mistaking this ooh la la kissy energy coming your way. Whether it is new love on the horizon or a rekindling of an old flame or perhaps a bit of a kick up the butt for your current relationship, better put your best underwear on…

Quartz (smoky)

The base of this stone is obviously quartz which is silicone dioxide, but the dark smoky colour comes from free silicone deposits within the stone. Apparently in 12th Century China the first sunglasses were made, using pieces of smoky quartz as the lenses, very clever.

Smoky quartz magical properties

Grounding, centring, focus, negative energy, decisions, cooperation, creativity, emotions, depression, anxiety, jealousy, nature, protection, calming, manifestation, wishes, divination, meditation, insight, guidance, uplifting, fears, relaxation, releasing, abundance, luck, prosperity

Energy Receptive

Element Earth

Planet Saturn, Jupiter

Zodiac Capricorn, Sagittarius

Place smoky quartz around your home in any areas where the energy feels hinky.

Keep a piece of smoky quartz next to your computer to absorb any bad energy.

Smoky quartz is brilliant to help you ground but it also guides you in business success.

Suggested cleansing

Smoky quartz can scratch and chip easily so be gentle with it. Cleanse with water and a small amount of soap, dry with a soft cloth. Don’t soak your quartz in water and don’t leave it out in the sun, it will fade. Charge in moonlight.

Protection spell

You will need:

A quartz

A crystal to represent fire

A crystal to represent water

A crystal to represent air

A crystal to represent earth

A dish of water

My suggestion: I used a carnelian for fire, a blue lace agate for water, a brown jasper for air and a moss agate for earth.

Place the bowl of water in front of you.

Pick up the earth stone and ask that the element of earth bring stability and steadfastness for protection, pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Pick up the air stone and ask that the element of air blow away all the negative energy. Pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Pick up the fire stone and ask that the element of fire bring energy for protection. Pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Pick up the water stone and ask the element of water to wash away gossip, lies and unkind words aimed towards you. Pop the crystal in the bowl of water.

Then take the clear quartz stone in both hands and see it as a shield around you. Pop the quartz into the bowl of water and visualise it drawing up all the positive energy and strength from the four element crystals. When you feel it is ready take the stones out and tip the water on to the earth.

Dry and cleanse the coloured stones and keep for future use. Dry the quartz and carry it with you for protection.

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