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Working Spells with Tarot and Oracle cards

Using tarot cards or oracle cards in your spell gives you a focal point and helps with visualisation.

They can be used as a signifier for a person i.e. the person you are sending healing to (or a curse).

They can also bring the power and energy of the card itself. For instance the lovers card could be used in a love spell to signify the couple but also in a spell for a decision to choose between two different pathways.

You can use your normal tarot set for spell work but I prefer a separate deck that I use just for spells.

Sometimes the card needs to sit in the spell for a day or even a few days and I don’t want to be doing tarot readings with cards missing.

Suggested cards

Here are some suggested cards to use in spell work and their correspondences:

Action/to set things in motion: The Chariot, Ace of Wands, Eight of Wands

To overcome a bad habit: Strength, Temperance, Judgement, The World

For inspiration, ideas and creativity: The Magician, The Moon, The Star

New business/project success: The Magician, The Sun, Ace of Wands

Business prosperity: Three of Wands, The Sun, Ace of Pentacles

To bring about change: Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, Eight of Wands, Judgement

Fertility: The Sun, Ten of Cups, Ace of Wands

For success: The Chariot, Six of Wands, Five of Wands

For courage: The Star, Strength, The Chariot

To help with a decision: Justice, The Hermit, The Star, The Lovers

For dream work: The Star, The Moon, Ace of Cups, High Priestess

Happiness and positive energy: The Sun, The World, Ace of Cups

To release guilt and pain: The Moon, Judgement, The World

For binding spells: Temperance, Two of Swords, Eight of Swords, Hanged Man

Friendship: Three of Cups, Two of Cups, Knight of Cups

Healing and good health: Strength, The World, The Magician, The Sun, The Star, Three of Cups

For employment: Eight of Pentacles, The Emperor, Judgement, Page of Wands

For knowledge: The Hermit, High Priestess, The Moon

For love: The Lovers, Knight of Cups, The Star

Luck: The World, The Star, Wheel of Fortune

Prosperity and money: Ten of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles

Overcoming obstacles: Two of Cups, The Chariot, Strength

For protection: The Star, The Chariot, Temperance, Four of Wands

Self-improvement and transformation: Temperance, The World, Judgement, The Magician, Strength, High Priestess, The Chariot

Stress relief: Hanged Man, Ace of Cups, Temperance, Four of Cups

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Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 28.6.21


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