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Opalite has very gentle nurturing qualities. It is extremely calming and will help you to find peace and openness within. It calms the mind, body and spirit. Although opalite is not a natural crystal it has truly beautiful qualities. It also appears to change colour so reflects mauves, pinks and blues according to its surroundings.

It is said to bring tranquility and enhance loving relationships. When placed on the crown chakra in meditation it is said to enhance psychic abilities and induce visions. In healing opalite is believed to stabilise mood swings and purify the blood and kidneys. The ‘Stone of Eternity’ brings forth the understanding of the true-self, the true spirit, to free the spirit. The knowing that one can soar higher than expected, can reach unimaginable goals and join as one with the ultimate all, the whole of who we are and why we are. Opalite teaches the being within, that freedom is not held back by the physical self, it is not held back by race, by language, by religion, by beliefs or by capabilities. This stone encourages one to explore within and all around to learn that even the most unimaginable life goals can be reached, they do not just have to be dreams. A stone to bring one to an understanding that what one touches does not just end there, what one tastes does not just fade, what one sees does not just disappear. There is a wisdom behind all, and that wisdom is to be used, that memory goes past the physical self, it is used for eternity. Opalite brings peace to all, it is a very beneficial stone to keep in areas where peace and serenity are needed. It is also a very beneficial stone to be used in the deepening of the sleep state, gain knowledge and courage from dreams in order to better oneself in day to day life. Also, Opalite helps to soften a harsh atmosphere or to soften a “hardened soul”. This is a good stone for the release of fears and worries. To help one to face both hope’s and fear’s together, alongside accepting and growing with change. A very beneficial stone in helping one to have raised hope and strength, good for lessoning anxiety and soothing frayed nerves.


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