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Call me old fashioned but...

I have no idea why this blog post happened, it is just a few thoughts that have been rattling around in my head this past week, tired of drama, jealousy and gossip and fearing for humanity as a inner Victorian school mistress may have had a hand in writing for what it's worth here it is...

Call me old fashioned but I love the memories from when I was a child and everyone in the street knowing everyone else, which actually was quite nice and meant that each person looked out for everyone else, even if it meant your parents finding out you had been naughty because a neighbour had seen you do it. It was a sense of community. Now it seems that we need to actually live in other people's drama, from Big Brother - which I know you are all going to throw things at me when I say, why? why would I want to watch a group of attention seeking wannabes arguing, throwing tantrums and generally being divas? to the whole host of 'reality' shows that we now get (I use the word reality in the loosest sense because I am dang sure there isn't anything real about it) the latest advert I saw was a group of fake tan twenty somethings on a beach with all their ex partners thrown into the mix seemingly to cause drama so that we could watch it all - what? Why do we want to live other people's lives? Why surround yourself with the drama that other people create? I don't have an explanation to be honest. I will admit I have done my fair share of listening to gossip, but experience (and old age...) have taught me that it really isn't worth it. Gossip is very rarely the truth and is a bit like the chinese whispers game, what started out as being vaguely based on what actually happened by the time it has gotten to even the second person it has been added to or the story twisted (intentionally or not). At the end of the day we don't gossip about nice things do we? Even if someone is doing well the tendancy is not to chat to friends about how well so and so is doing, the reality is that it turns to jealous gossip instead. We do have a current trend of ridiculing others, the media and facebook putting out photos of celebrities or the popular 'Walmart shoppers' because they are over weight or spotty or like to wear whatever the heck they like to even if it isn't something you think they should - speaking as someone who was a fashionable teenager in the eighties...(still harbouring a love of ra ra skirts) what right do we have to judge them? I know I am making sweeping statements and there are some very lovely people out there (even some that watch Jeremy Kyle...don't even get me started on that programme) but how about we all start living our own lives? Leave behind the tittle tattle and the "he said, she said" playground talk and LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE TO THE FULLEST. I don't actually personally care what you wear, what you look like or what TV shows you watch to be honest (I love detective shows with dead bodies in so who am I to judge?) I just think it's sad that we seem to enjoy watching others fail or behave badly. Call me old fashioned (and I am pretty sure most of you will) but I hate swearing, personally I don't do it, I don't think it is becoming of a lady nor do I like it when men swear in front of me either - yep I am pretty Victorian. I do yearn for the days of gentlemen behaving like well..gentlemen and ladies being ladies. Oh I don't really want to go back to the days of no central heating or hot water and using an outside loo but you get my drift. I like a gentleman to hold the door open for me or offer to carry my shopping (thankfully I have a husband that does that). Yes I do agree that we have the right to behave however we want to but there is something about a young girl going out on a Friday night with the sole intention of getting hammered, throwing up and ending up unconscious in the gutter that I just don't understand. I am not saying I don't like to have fun or that I haven't had my fair share of drunken nights (and days...I was a Young Farmer for six years and probably drank enough Southern Comfort to last me a life time) but I what happened to dignity and self respect? Let's focus on who we are, what we want to achieve and how we treat ourselves and others around us. Stop the gossip, start saying hello to people you meet on the street, congratulate those that have done well, support those that are struggling but without all the drama. Walk away from drama, all it does is feed negativity - it is YOUR life - live it with love, passion, self respect and a smile ♥


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