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A case of the wibbles

I suspect a lot of us believe that people they know that seem outwardly confident and successful never have worries or doubts...but everyone does and that's a fact, I bet even the Queen has her moments when she wonders "jeepers what the heck am I doing..."

I was having a bit of a wibble last night (wibble being slightly smaller than a wobble)...I do have them occasionally actually I have them a I doing things right? have I made the correct decision? Why did that book sell 2 more copies than the other one? What if? Will they like this book/course/lesson/ritual/workshop? Does my bum look big in this? Yep all silly things... And it doesn't matter how good life is or how wonderfully successful, rich, famous etc etc you might be that self doubt still manages to creep in. (Not that I am wonderfully any of those things.., but you get the idea). Generally life is good for me...but that doesn't stop the wibble monster... Self doubt is a doozy and can make your mind wander off in all sorts of stupid directions and can undermine any of your achievements. So how do you combat it? I guess if you are lucky enough to have friends or partners you can say to them "hey I'm having a wibble about xyz" and they will hopefully reassure you, smack you up the side of the head and say "you are being a knob womble cut it out". But that doesn't always get rid of them completely. I don't actually think there is an absolute certainty answer...sorry...perhaps we should just take each wibble as a life lesson, learn from it and try not to worry about the same thing again, perhaps it is also something that comes with age and experience, worrying less about the silly stuff the older we get or perhaps we never grow out of it. Hopefully there will always be someone or something that smites the wibble monster, last night whilst having my wibble I received the most wonderful email from a chap thanking me for writing Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch, his words were lovely and perhaps whilst not actually thwacking that wibble monster completely it did smooth it considerably. I looked up some self doubt tips (not how to have it but how to combat it obviously) here are some suggestions:-

  • Recognise and acknowledge that doubt, bring it out into the open, you can't fight something you hide

  • Analyse it, why are you having these feelings?

  • Is there a pattern? If it happened before what did you do to combat it, did it work?

  • out a plan of action to beat the wibble monster

  • Identify any challengs within your plan and if you need help with some areas...ask

  • Put your plan into action!

  • Ground yourself,..if you are being pulled into negative energy ground, cleanse and protect

  • Bring in the balance, for every self doubt find a positive attribute about yourself

  • Step back...if the self doubts are about something you are creating or working with, take a break

  • Look after yourself, make sure you have ME time to nuture YOU

  • Find and ask for support from others if you need it, don't be afraid to ask

All good tips, some more difficult to implement than others but definitely worth a try. Anyone up for some wibble monster bashing?


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