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Fantastic Mr Fox

I live on the edge of a big city in a mid terrace house with a small garden which is enclosed on all sides by a high brick wall, to get into my back garden (other than via the back door obviously) you would need to scale several 6' and 10' walls and over a lot of sheds... This morning I opened the back door to find a large fox sitting in the garden amongst a pile of flower pots...

We often get foxes in the street and they do like to empty our dustbins at the front of the house but this one must have been a particularly gymnastic fox to find its way into our back garden. He must have been there before because I did notice last weekend that the pots had been knocked over. Unfortunately as soon as he saw me he ran across the garden, scaled the 6' brick wall into next door and then over their back wall (10' high). is the magic of Mr Fox: As foxes are generally seen at dawn and dusk it links them to the time of 'in between' and the world of magic. Fox is clever and cunning along with being agile and skillful. He can teach us how to detach from our surrounds and use all our senses for observation and not only to anticipate what will happen but also to shape and create our own future. He teaches us how to outwit and remove ourselves easily from unpleasant situations. He does remind us however that being crafty all the time can backfire. The word 'cunning' is often used to describe a fox and the word possibly originates from the old English word 'kenning' which means 'to know' meaning that you can see something that might not be obvious or that others cannot see straight away. Fox can help us with our people skills in knowing when to take a step back, when to detach or when to wade in, he helps build your intuition. He also guides us with judgement, bringing patience and the ability to listen and sense before making a response. The fox hunts for food not just for himself but also for the vixen when it is nursing and for the young, this shows us that we can use our own power not only to help ourselves but also others. The power of fox teaches us to live and connect with all that is around us, to blend in with our surroundings and become a part of the all. Fox's wisdom includes: Shape shifting, cleverness, observational skills, cunning, stealth, camouflage, feminine, courage, invisibility, ability to observe unseen, persistence, gentleness, swiftness, wisdom, reliable friend, magic, shape shifting, invisibility.


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