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Natural magic blessing for the heart of the home

What you will need: Small dish of salt to represent the earth and prosperity Incense to represent air and knowledge A red candle for fire and courage Small bowl of water to represent water and love What you do: Straighten the room. Light the candle and the incense. Place the candle in the centre of the room. Begin in the East moving deosil work around the room; first sprinkle a little salt in each corner. Then carry the incense round waving the smoke to help it flow. Next sprinkle a little water around the perimeter of the room. Then settle in front of the candle and visualize the blessings from each of the four elements. Prosperity from deep in the earth. Knowledge in the fragrant breeze from the air. Courage from the flame of fire. Love from the water. Picture these gifts and visualize you and your family receiving them equally. Centre yourself. Say this blessing: Elements four I call, release now your power As I bless my home in this magical hour No negativity can enter, no spirit shall roam As I consecrate and protect the heart of my home As you finish the charm, draw a circle in the air above the candle flame with your finger. Spiral it up faster and faster, higher and higher, until you fling the energy off and out into the form. Then close the spell by saying: This home is now blessed by my will and desire I close this spell by earth, air, water and fire Allow the candle and incense to burn out.

Taken from Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft


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