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Terry Pratchett: His World

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of heading down to Salisbury with my lovely Wyrd Sisters.

We went on a pilgrimage (via cake and coffee obviously) to Salisbury museum to visit the Terry Pratchett His World exhibition. For a man that I sadly never had the privilege of meeting, he had such a profound affect on me. His writing has been a huge part of my life for over twenty five years and I still cannot believe he is gone.

It was fantastic...there was laughter...there were tears...and one of the exhibits even made us jump!

A lot of the artwork I had seen before, but there were also some very interesting bites of information and history. His famous hat also made an appearance along with is jacket, staff and Death ring.

One of my favourite parts was a wall dedicated to memories from people he had known in life and us mere mortals were also given the opportunity to write our memories too. We were told that the memories we left would be forwarded onto his wife and daughter *sniff sniff*. His desk made an appearance, set in a recreation of his office along with his many computer screens!

The whole exhibition takes up quite a large space and the gift shop was full to brimming with Discworld artefacts.

For any Pratchett fan it is definitely worth a visit.

The official blurb:

"The Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby present ‘Terry Pratchett: HisWorld’. This is an exclusive major exhibition based on the extraordinary life of Sir Terry Pratchett, the creative genius behind the Discworld series. Follow his journey to becoming one of our best known and best loved writers. This unique exhibition will include artwork by the man himself and treasured items owned by Sir Terry which have never previously been on public display. Also featured will be over forty original illustrations by Paul Kidby, Sir Terry’s artist of choice.​ #HisWorld"

Running beside this exhibition you can also find a Paul Kidby display of his Charmed Realm work.

"Within the walls of this exhibition awaits a secret kingdom where the folk of dreams abide. Venture through the deep forests to glimpse the magical unicorn, climb the snow-covered mountains where the ice dragons dwell and take to the skies where the faeries dance. Take care and beware, for once you step into the Charmed Realm anything is possible!"

The His World exhibition runs until 14th January 2018 and the Paul Kidby exhibition runs until 6th January 2018.


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