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On the first day of Yule the Goddess gave to me...

On the first day of Yule the Goddess gave to me... The Fool

The Fool is a symbol for new beginnings and adventures, pleasure, passion, thoughtless and rash. Like the Fool, you may stand upon the precipice gazing out into the unknown; and there is either an oblivious foolishness to the terrible plunge you may experience, or else a wild spirit of adventure and great faith and knowledge in that which can and will bear you up and guide through the times to come. There are unlimited possibilities opening up for the seeker.

1st December

Today think about what you can do to move forward, are there any projects or ideas that have been floating around for a while but haven't gotten off the ground? Or just the idea that you want to be a more positive person. Today think about what new beginnings you want to make or what fresh starts you can create.

Candle spell for new beginnings:

Using a white or yellow candle (or a colour of your choosing, one that represents new beginnings to you).

If you have any pumpkin seeds left over from Samhain sprinkle a few around the base of the candle as they represent new growth.

You can also place a crystal at the base of the candle such as a clear quartz or a moonstone (again use on that feels right to you).

You can dress the candle with essential oil and roll it in herbs to add to the power as well, oils/herbs such as pine, peppermint or cinnamon would work well (or whatever your intuition tells you to use).

Ground and centre yourself, take a couple of deep breathes in and out...

Light the candle.

Focus on the flame and then send our your intent, say it out loud or say it in your head it doesn't matter which.

Ask the Goddess/God/Angels/Divine to grant you your new beginning, new project, new direction.

Sit for a few moments and visualise your new start happening.

When you are ready give thanks, but leave the candle to burn out (safely).

The tarot deck used is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore


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