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Working Magic...WISHES

Working Magic...WISHES

From blowing out the candle on a birthday cake and making a wish as a child to the hopes, dreams and wishes we have as adults. You can make your wishes come true...I am not saying it will be easy and it certainly won't be a 'sit back and watch it happen with your feet up' kinda thing but once that wish is out there...make it happen...

Intent: WISHES Colour: Blue Crystals: Rose quartz


Amethyst Herbs: Dandelion


Bay Incense Blend: Sage



Peach Tea Blend: Dandelion coffee


Peach tea

I was also prompted to add carry the wishes on the winds... The Magic: I wrote the word 'wishes' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre then I charged each herb/spice and crystal that I chose to use with my intent and put them on my altar around the intent paper. I also chose a birthday candle to light as well. I didn't have a plan or design in mind I just used my intuition. Light the candle...see your wishes...visualise them in your mind from making that first magical wish to the steps that are involved to make it happen and then the final outcome and blow out the candle...hurrah!

Go on...make a wish...


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