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The Roman Baths

One of my favourite places to visit is the beautiful city of Bath. It really has some amazing architecture along with wonderful shops, cafes and restaurants. Not to mention the gardens and river that are all worth exploring.

In December we went for a couple of days and feeling the need for a bit of culture we visited the Roman Baths.

We have been before and if you go in the darker evenings they light up the baths with torches which makes it even more atmospheric.

The site is laid out really well with plenty to see and even to poke about with and lots of information to read. You also get given little recording machines to listen to at various spots around the tour. Added to the usual blurb you can also listen to author Bill Bryson describe his visit via the machines as well.

The natural hot water bath is intact and some of the other bathing rooms and swimming pools are still partly there and you can see all of them on your visit. They also use some clever film techy stuff to project Roman figures and sounds onto the site.

It really is a fascinating place from a historical point of view but also for any pagans as it has strong links to the goddess Sulis/Minerva, a temple to Sulis having been built on the site at one point.

At the end of the tour you also get the chance to taste some of the water, it is very warm but tastes very metallic, can’t say I would drink it by choice!

The website is here if you want further details.


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