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Tarot by the sea...

I don't often get a tarot (or any other form) of reading but when I do seek one out it is because I really need some answers. I do read for myself but the cards often tell me what I want to hear, not what I need too...

My most recent reading was from Lyn and Paul Thurman of Tarot by the Sea and took place on Southsea pier just outside the Sundance shop.

I wasn't sure what to expect having two people read for me at the same time but it really worked. Lyn does the initial reading show what the past and present situation is and what the issues behind it are. She then does a future reading and what might happen if the course stays the same. Paul then swoops in and does a reading on top to show what you can do to change the outcome and what the better course of action might be - total genuis!

They read for me towards the end of last year and boy was it all spot on, seriously right on the mark. But I heeded the advice and made the necessary changes and WOW! 2018 has really been extremely kind to me so far and everything that the cards showed has happened. I really hope it all continues!

Lyn and Paul can be booked for readings at:

Sundance, South Parade Pier, Southsea by calling 07950 251585


Waves of Inspiration, Lee-on-Solent by calling 023 9255 6460

to make an appointment (do phone ahead as they have set days for readings).

Or you can contact them via their website

(they also provide readings via email)

And...Lyn and Paul will be available for readings at my book launch party - Saturday 24th February - some time slots have already been booked so give Kate (from the Sundance shop) a ring on 07950 251585 to make an appointment. for more details on the event.

I only recommend healers, readers or therapists if I have had experience with them and only ever if I believe they are exceptionally please be assured that Lyn and Paul certainly are worth a visit.


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