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Animal Magic: The Bear


Bear plays a big part in a lot of cultures including Native American and the Celtic tradition bringing power and protection with it.

Don’t ever mess with a mama bear who is looking after her babies.

Bear hibernates in the winter so may bring a quieter energy during those months but in spring she brings the magic of new opportunities and possibilities. Her hibernating cycle allows us to do a lot of inner work and self reflection but it also gives us the ability to know when the time is right and what direction we need to head off in.

She brings not only the energy of the sun but also the moon along with heap loads of intuition too.

Bear can be quick to react and has a bit of a temper and a tendency to be a grumpy ole bear at times.


Interactions, inner knowledge, introspection, intuition, dreamtime, renewal, moon and sun magic, opportunities, fearlessness and protection.


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