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Animal Magic: The Chicken and The Cockerel


Chicken is all about fertility with a bit of sacrifice thrown in for good measure. The fertility comes from their egg laying ability and the sacrifice bit from…well…being a sacrificial animal of choice throughout history. She does bring with her the essence of motherhood, nurturing, domestic bliss, being broody and fussing about. Chicken is in tune with the earth and heralds prosperity, rebirth and renewal.


Fertility, sacrifice, rebirth, motherhood, nurturing, abundance, comfort, broodiness and fussing


However the cockerel carries a slightly different magic…the cockerel is often linked to the Underworld and a guardian, but also another one for sacrifice. Said to not only predict the weather but also to use his power of psychic abilities to warn of impending danger. This feathered fowl likes to strut his funky stuff he is all about sexuality and fertilisation after all he usually has an entire hen house of chickens to service…with his early rising and crowing about the sun rising he is also linked to renewal and rebirth. The cockerel (or rooster) also appears in the Chinese zodiac and brings humour, eccentricity and enthusiasm.


Sexuality, psychic abilities, sacrifice, fertility, renewal, humour, eccentricity and enthusiasm.


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