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Animal Magic: The Hedgehog


Often associated with the world of Faerie in fact sometimes suggested that the hedgehog is a fairy or even a witch in disguise…

Linked with witchcraft the hedgehog has good and bad folklore superstitions.

Hedgehogs are mostly active at dawn and dusk, the in between times so they have links to the Otherworld, prophecy and psychic abilities.

The hedgehog is probably best known for its defence mechanism of rolling into a ball to present its sharp spines to the world, keeping it safe from predators, reflecting the ability to deal with challenges calmly and effectively.

Definitely an earth element creature the hedgehog brings a huge pack of earth magic along with abundance and fertility.


Fairy, witchcraft, psychic abilities, prophecy, Otherworld, defence, challenges, calm, earth magic, abundance and fertility.


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