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Animal Magic: The Magpie


This black and white mystical bird brings feathers full of occult knowledge.

The magpie is also known as jack of all trades…but master of none – dabbling into everything.

It is a reminder that whatever task you take on, do it properly and follow it through to completion.

Magpie has the ability to open a gateway to the world of spirit and the faerie realms he can also help with past life exploration.

Be warned though…messing with magic can have consequences and magpie medicine has a tendency to be unpredictable.

Magpie is also very vocal (they sit in my garden and shout if there is no food about…).

Magpie also loves shiny things which is a warning not to fall prey to the lure of too many material things in life.


Occult, magic, knowledge, dedication, spirit world, faerie, past life, consequences, communication, clarity, opportunistic, perception, illusion and expression.

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