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The story behind the book: Animal Magic

I have talked about the Pagan Portals series that my publisher has and how I have written several books for it.

As I was working on something else one day the idea that an animal magic book would fit into the series jumped into my head.

I have always loved working with animal spirit guides and it is a major and favourite part of my personal pathway.

Teaching about it within the Kitchen Witch online school and having run workshops on the subject it was an easy step to put the book together.

It is an introduction as the Pagan Portal books are all around 25k words so it is a 'dip' into a huge and fascinating subject but hopefully it gives information to get you started if you haven't worked with it before or help build your knowledge if you already work with animal spirit guides.

The book includes the definition of animal magic, meditations and spells to find familiars and animal spirit guides, shape shifting, shadow animals, animal spell working and divination. It also covers using animal parts in magic, animal magic in ritual, animal deities, animal elements and a brief overview of animal meanings.

And the image on the front is fantastic, not my work, I just chose the image from stock photos but she looks amazing!

Pagan Portals Animal Magic was published in March 2017 and has sold steadily ever since.


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