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A live interview...and mutant ninja bed bugs...

Yesterday evening I took part in my first ever live facebook interview and I must admit I was a tad nervous.

However, my nerves were quickly calmed once I started chatting with the host of the show - Paul 'Boggie' Brighton. He is absolutely bonkers, but in a good way (and I know he won't mind me saying so).

His weekly chat show is hosted via his facebook page The Way Of Conscious Mindfulness with discussions on 'Spirituality and Science balancing Health and Well being with Body, Mind and Spirit'.

You can tune in live every Tuesday evening 7.30pm GMT or catch up with interviews at your leisure by scrolling down the facebook page.

We talked about my pathway, spirituality in general and a whole host of others things, including 'mutant ninja bed bugs' and there was definitely something about ripples and nipples...but you will have to watch it to find out!

I would like to say a huge big thank you to the Kitchen Witch posse and all the lovely people that joined in to watch and comment ♥

Hop on over to watch my interview with Boggie and all the other wonderful guests he has had...


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