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Radio show, Derek Acorah and a pointy hat

Yesterday evening I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours in the company of the well known medium Derek Acorah on his radio show with his co host Paul Cissell.

I must admit I was feeling a little bit nervous before the show but the minute Derek started to chat it felt like I was sitting with a friend over a cup of tea, what a very wonderful man he is.

We talked about all sorts of things, mainly witchcraft related (elements, dark magic, deity and spells to name but a few) and Derek posed some really interesting questions that I don't normally get asked. And oh my goodness, that lovely man can talk a good story!

I think the most hilarious moment was when Derek suddenly produced a sparkly pointed witch hat which he sat wearing - not for the benefit of the listeners because obviously it was radio but for myself and Paul who could see him on the Skype screen it was incredibly funny. Who would have thought that I would be sitting chatting to Derek Acorah whilst he wore a pointy hat?

Their show airs live every Tuesday evening 7.30pm GMT but you can also catch up with it...


12am - 4am - 10am - 2pm -7.30pm GMT

Links to the show can be found on:



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