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With thanks...

So the end of another calendar year is on the horizon...

2018 you have been pretty amazing...with three books released this year (Witchcraft into the Wilds, Spells & Charms and Garden Magic) and numerous talks, rituals and events.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support (but that would actually take quite a long time) so I am sending out virtual hugs and cakes to you all. Along with my very heartfelt appreciation.

Thank you to everyone that has bought and continues to buy my inane waffle in book form, to all of you that attend my talks at various pagan events. To those wonderfully hardworking people that organise the events and invite me along. To everyone that joins us at our Kitchen Witch rituals, our 'organised chaos' would not be the same without you. Particularly to the Kitchen Witch posse who not only support me but keep me sane (ish). Big thanks also to Trevor and all those at Moon Books for putting my books out there. And to my husband and children for everything.

2019 is already shaping up to be another fabulous year, dates in the diary so far.


The Enchanted Market, Bracknell - Saturday 16th February 2019

Wild Witchcraft Conference - Saturday 9th March 2019

The Faerie Festival, Sussex - Saturday 18th May 2019

Witchfest Midlands - Saturday 25th May 2019

There are several other events to add but that haven't been fully confirmed yet, so I shall keep them as a surprise until they are official!

Books for next year:

Pagan Portals Sun Magic will be out 28th June 2019 (but already available for pre-order, how mad is that?)

Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic will be released end of 2019

See my website for full details -

I am also currently working on two other books:



The fourth book in the Kitchen Witchcraft series: The Element of Earth

2019 may also have one or two other exciting projects that are currently fermenting away in the background...

We will be hosting three open rituals at the Queen Elizabeth Country park next year, keep an eye on the website for dates in the very near future.

My waffle can also be found on various blogs, all of which I am extremely honoured to be a part of:

Wyldwood –

My website and personal blog:

And you can find me on You Tube:


There is also no escape via magazines and my regular columns can be found in:

and occasionally in

Going forward...

I look forward to spending time with some of you next year, whether it is in person, via social media or the Kitchen Witch School...

Let's keep it magical!


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