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A glance back and a peek forward

2022 was a busy year and for that I am truly thankful, although perhaps (as always) I took on just a tad too much, will I never learn? (Probably not...).

It was my absolute pleasure to be invited by The College of Psychic Studies to run two online courses and an in person workshop at their lovely London location. I met some wonderful students and love working with the college, and am very pleased they have invited me to run some more events in 2023.

Queenies We were invited to run a witchcraft workshop at the delightful Queenies tea rooms on Emsworth station. The event sold out within a couple of days and we had a total blast. Keep an eye out for future events.

Myself and the Kitchen Witch gang attended our first Pagan Tribal Gathering weekend and had an amazing time. Organised by the wonderful Pia, she made us feel so welcome, as did everyone we met. We are really looking forward to the 2023 gathering, we have already booked our places!

I was very pleased to be invited back for the conference, and my thanks to Dave (Damh the Bard) for being my stooge and for producing a dog poop bag on stage during his talk (you had to be there). They even invited me back again.

Such a wonderful online event, I gave a talk and very much enjoyed watching the other speakers. Honoured to have been invited back for the 2023 event too.

It was an incredibly long drive and a very dubious hotel, but we made it and enjoyed meeting up with some very lovely people. I will be back again for the 2023 event (just with some revised travelling arrangements!).

In my third year of these regular Friday morning chats now and we have such an amazing community now, it is the highlight of my week. Sharing and learning from each other and of course the laughter! These will continue for the foreseeable future. Replays can be found on my author fb page and YouTube channel.

In its second year, MoonCon 22 was another success with such a fabulous group of speakers. Keep an eye out for news of a slightly different format for 2023... Replays of all the talks can be found on the Moon Books Youtube channel

We will have a stall at the Wandering Witches Fayre on Saturday 15th April, come along and meet the Kitchen Witch team and take a look at some of my books for sale!

The Big One was published by Moon Books at the end of January 2022, weighing in at a massive 800 pages and I am overwhelmed at the response.

The second book in the element series (The Element of Earth being the first one), it was published by Moon Books in June 2021, the element of water will follow in 2023.

Released by Llewellyn in November 2022 in the USA, there have been some delivery issues within the UK, huge apologies to everyone but also my thanks for your patience.

I was very honoured to be invited by the publisher Animal Dreaming to create not one, but FOUR oracle decks all within the Kitchen Witchcraft theme. Along with my talented hubby Pete, we are working on the first deck at the moment, more details to follow.

More books to come

Of course there are more books to come!

Pagan Portals God & Goddesses of England will be published in June 2023

The Element of Water will be published in November 2023

Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax is in the final edit stage, publication date to be confirmed

Books I have signed contracts for that are all in the planning/writing stage:

Pagan Portals Dragon Magic

Household Magic

Pagan Portals Sulis

Witchcraft: Daily Practice

Keeping it online

At the beginning of the pandemic in what seems like many years ago now, we took everything online. Now that things are back to normal (whatever that is) a lot of events have moved back to in person. At Kitchen Witch we have decided to keep everything we do as far as possible, online. We have met some wonderful people on the big wide web and a lovely online community has grown from it and we believe it is important to keep that going. So that's exactly what we intend to do. Our online sabbat rituals will continue as will my weekly Friday morning chats. Keep an eye out for more online events from the Kitchen Witch team going forward.

Our online school of witchcraft celebrated ten years in 2022, and we are so proud of all our students. We continue to monitor and update the lessons and provide as many online resources as possible. For our students, keep your eyes peeled for more student only online events in 2023.

There are a few more events in the pipeline that we cannot announce yet, but keep an eye on the website and social media pages.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and also remember you are never alone, we are only at the end of a computer...


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