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Treasured Finds from the Past

Now at the beginning of week five of house renovations, last week turned up some unexpected treasures.

The first was found in the foundations of our conservatory (which before that was built was a lean to, wooden affair). It was the back of a promotional playing card from the King George IV Old Scotch Whisky, circa 1930.

Then two items were found in the rubble from the kitchen ceiling when it was pulled down. The thinking is that the cards slipped through the floorboards from the bedroom above and sat there, long forgotten.

A 'Cake Walk' postcard with a Battersea address and a message that reads "Am so sorry I have not sent before but you know what I am don't you, fond love" Unfortunately we can't read the name of the person it was addressed to or the initials of the sender. The postcard seems to date to circa 1909 (according to internet research).

A photograph taken by Edward Spiller of 108 Lake Road, Landport (Portsmouth). Research discovered that he worked at as a photographer at that address between 1891 and 1894.

And then found in amongst the back room rubble, an old cigarette packet -

Wild Woodbine Cigarettes, circa 1920/1930.

Fascinating items to discover and we will be putting them in a frame to hang up once the renovations are finished, to honour the past.


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