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My weekly live chat today answered some questions posed by you lovely people, well hopefully answered them in some sort of coherant fashion anyway.

The questions covered were:

When repeating a spell incantation multiple times and you misspeak a word or the words’ order, does that reduce the effectiveness of the spell?

How to reconcile with meditation

What if your spells aren't working

How to ‘really’ stop troublesome people

A very basic question: why would secrecy about witchcraft be important? I have only read the real witches' handbook by Kate West. I loved it, but there were several references to keeping the craft secret and not advertising it by keeping a permanent altar etc which I didn't understand. There was no explanation as to why it might be important. Is secrecy 'a thing' or is it just down to how private an individual likes to be with their beliefs?

How do you differentiate between your subconscious and voices and visions coming from magical sources, or spirit?

Have vaguely heard of hoodoo magic - would love to understand a bit more of its origins and what it is in relation to what we are practising here.

To watch the replay of my chat, and answers, click below:


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