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Dear Diary: A Spiritual Renovation

As some of you know, we have been undergoing a big house renovation in the last few months. We had no experience with this kind of thing so we did a lot of research (which involved a huge amount of watching TV renovation shows!). I think we were as prepared as we could have been. As we both now work from home we needed to live in the house during the whole process. We decided to move our desks up into our bedroom so it was out of the way and as quiet as possible. They just fit in the space at the end of the bed, so it is cosy to say the least. But it has worked.

We also prepared and budgeted for not having a working kitchen for some time, although you do get surprisingly bored with takeaways after twelve weeks and more.

We even had a plan in place to move out to a holiday park for a week or two if necessary, although due to the diligence and fantasticness (not sure that is a word) of the building crew, we didn’t need to do that.

We packed up all the kitchenware, books and everything from three rooms downstairs and boxed it up. This all went into the spare bedroom along with setting up the dining room table in there with a microwave, toaster, kettle and small fridge.

Plants in the garden were lifted and moved back as far as we could manage to give the crew space to work. Some of the plants were put away in the greenhouse for an early winter slumber.

The house was prepared, I also made sure I connected with her energy to warn her that she was about to undergo a major facelift. Her response was ‘about time too’.

Perhaps the hardest part for me was to pack away the many altars I had around the house along with all my magical paraphernalia. Altars, magical tools, herbs, crystals and candles – all packed away. The only thing that remains is a hanging depicting the goddess Sulis which was delivered after everything was packed away so that has hung in the bedroom. It has become my spiritual focal point.

I like to think we have coped quite well so far, the first 3 months sailed by and we dealt with it all. At the end of November the kitchen was delivered, unfortunately it was a wee bit early and the house wasn’t quite ready for it. The site manager suggested taking it away and storing it at their HQ, but we thought it might be easier to give up our living room and store it in there. Whilst it was absolutely the right decision to make, as it meant it was on site when it was needed. It really did make things harder for us as we didn’t have a quiet space to relax in at the end of the day. Living, working, eating, relaxing and sleeping in one bedroom 24/7 for what turned out to be three weeks was difficult – but we managed it.

Entering week 14 of the renovation, we are at the stage where the pretty stuff is happening. We are a few weeks away from finishing yet, but it will be fabulous when it is done.

I think perhaps what I have missed the most is our garden. It is my sanctuary and a place where I connect on a daily basis with Mother Nature. At the moment half of it is a muddy building site and the other half is in winter slumber. It looks and feels quite sad. However, a spruce up is planned – new patio, new shingle and fencing. Once it is done it will look splendid. But I miss the energy of it.

A couple of years ago my spiritual pathway began to change, it took on a slightly different direction. I started to become more specific about where our supplies were sourced from. We have been receiving organic vegetable and fruit boxes from Riverford for twenty years but I also began to source meat and other products from more local suppliers. This expanded into my spiritual practice. Having had a connection with Sulis via the beautiful city of Bath for a long time, she stepped forward and has become my main deity. She has also focused my whole idea of deity to that of England. Delving into the ancient deities from the land I live on. I was also inspired to create a new British Goddesses course with some of the Kitchen Witch posse. It took us a year to write and then a further year to work with, opening us up to twelve different British goddesses.

A friend gave me a reading the other day, and she said - the goddess is giving you space. And that sounds spot on. With no magical tools, no place to work magic and no material things to work with, I have had space. Space to think, space to grow and space to just be. That space obviously being in my head, heart and mind because we don’t have space at all in the house! I am much like our garden currently, there is space in which to create, grow and improve. Once it is done, it will be beautiful, but first you need the space to make the changes happen.

I will continue to walk with Sulis, hopefully for many years to come but I wonder what will happen when I can unpack all the boxes? I don’t have an answer about the magical items and altars. I have a feeling it will be different, but how so I am not sure yet.

Yesterday I made a point of going out into the garden, it is incredibly muddy but I waded through and investigated the back where the plants are supposed to be in their winter slumber. What I found was roses in bud, pelargoniums still in flower and a penstemon with one solitary pink flower. It was a reminder to me that life is still happening. Mother Nature is still doing her thing even if the energy of it is quite scattered in our little shire. It prompted me to explore further (bear in mind our garden is tiny, so I didn’t have to walk far!). Despite the current ‘site’ situation and the fact it is winter. There are still a huge amount of plants looking healthy and vibrant, all of them eager and willing to help with any magical use. It lifted my heart.

A bonus: During the past few months particularly when we were living in just the one room, I needed to find something to occupy my mind. The answer was to teach myself crochet. I have since made all sorts of things from hats to coasters. It has become a regular hobby and allows me to just drift as I crochet away listening to meditation or sound bath music. There is something quite magical about it. And it is exercise chasing after Eric (the dog) who likes to steal the balls of wool.

Another ‘side effect’ involved delving into the past. We needed some more crockery (plates, bowls etc) but instead of purchasing new sets I was sent down the vintage rabbit hole. I believe the house was guiding me to bring in wares that were in keeping with the original age of our home. It was built in 1920 so I have been looking at the 20s/30s and 40s for what I need. What I have found are some beautiful old items that will be loved and used again. Each of them has a fantastic history, were cheaper than new and also eco friendly.

This has been an interesting experience, in some ways easier than we thought, in other ways more difficult. We have been blessed with a good building crew and support from our neighbours which has really helped.

There is a way to go yet, but the goal is in sight.

The lessons for me have been important ones and I hope I have dealt with them properly. Whilst the energy is still quite scattered, I am learning how to work with it rather than fight against it. Once we get to the other side we are going to have a beautiful home, tailor made to our current needs and a new more workable garden too.

Whilst I am still a Pagan Witch, my spiritual pathway has undergone a huge renovation along side the building work, and that too was perhaps much needed. Not really in a completely different direction, but just honing and focusing my attention. I look forward to finding out what happens next.


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