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Lost your connection?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “I have lost my spiritual connection or connection to my pathway, how do I get it back”?

Firstly…remember you aren’t alone – it happens to us all, it really does.

Life likes to throw us challenges and slip blockages into our pathway – all of these and the usual mundane life stuff can get in the way of our spiritual journey.

If it has happen to you don’t panic.

Ask yourself some questions first:

Is there a reason it has happened?

Have you just been lazy (it is OK if you have!) or is it that real issues have cropped up?

Has it happened because you need to tweak or change your pathway?

Do you need some time away to sort things out?

Have I been too busy?

All good questions and it might be one, two, all or none of these things because we are all individuals and everyone is different. But it can be sorted.

If I have found that life has taken me away from my spiritual journey for a reason then I deal with and sort out those reasons knowing that when the time is right I will get back to my pathway, it will happen and there is no point worrying about things I cannot control. Sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing for a while…it can just slowly but surely creep back on its own.

If my practice has just slipped for whatever reason and I feel the call to get back into the swing then there are prompts and baby steps to help get back on track.

Usually the first thing I do is take down my altar, clean everything, sort it all out and re-dress with a nice fresh and bright altar space (it is good to clean your altar every so often anyway).

Get back into the swing of things… but slowly.

Start by meditating for a few minutes each day.

Just spend a couple of minutes in front of your altar each day giving thanks for what you have.

Read a book about your pathway; either a new one or re-read one that started your journey in the first place. Sometimes this happens because you are about to change your pathway into a new direction.

Research a deity you have never worked with before.

Listen to spiritual music.

Sit and do some drumming or dance!

Craft or create something such as an incense blend or a poppet.

Get outside into your garden, the park, a forest or a trip to the seaside, re-connect with nature.

Turn off your phone and your computer (step away from facebook) for a set amount of time each day, start with 20 minutes and work your way up – set that time aside to do something spiritual or to just sit and ‘be’.

Write; a ritual, a chant, a spell, a spiritual poem.

Set yourself some spiritual goals, don’t be ambitious just set one goal a week or a month.

Reach out to others – you are not alone in this experience, seek out friends, family or other like minded people via social media.

Find a new area to study or research, something you haven’t worked with before (tarot, crystals, astrology whatever it might be).

Think about what you used to love doing but haven’t in a while.

Ultimately it happens to all of us at some point or other and often more than once, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes upsetting but…it can be resolved.

Don’t panic and don’t rush…your pathway is there waiting for you to step back onto…when you are ready.


To watch my talk on this subject, click the link below


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