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Magical Self Care: Everyday Ritual for Stress

Life is ridiculously busy most of the time and rushing around just adds to the stress of the day.

However, if you can fit a little morning ritual in before you start the day, it can really help to set you off on the right foot. I have been guilty of rushing out the door without having eaten breakfast or grabbing a cereal bar to eat as I rush to the car. Aside from not being very good or kind to your body, this sets the tone for the day: missing out on important things and being overwhelmed and rushed. If you can fit a ritual like this into your morning, do it.

Sit down at a table to eat your breakfast.

Make yourself a nice pot of tea or a pot of coffee: not just a quick throw-a-tea-bag-into-a-cup kinda beverage but nice tea leaves in a pot or fresh coffee in a percolator.

And eat something!

Grab a slice of toast or make a bowl of porridge.

Sit down, drink, and eat.

Take a moment to breathe and to sort through your to-do list in your head before you race out the door. This is a quiet “prepare yourself for the day” moment.

You may have to get up a teeny bit earlier to fit it in. Honestly, you will feel so much better for it.

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