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Make it personal...bodily ingredients in magic

Now this is a subject that you will either find absolutely fascinating or you will skip quickly past this and either is absolutely OK. It is your pathway, your journey and therefore your choice about what you include or don’t but here it is just in case.

Your body is the vessel that carries the magic, the energy and the intent but it is also very unique and individual to you. So, if you want to add the personal touch to any working you can literally add a bit of yourself into it. Or a bit of someone else.

If you are working magic for someone else or that involves another person. For instance a healing poppet you may want to add in something of theirs that will link the magical item to them. Let’s suggest an easy option of a piece of hair or a nail clipping. The energy from the person will be in that very personal item collected from them.


Hair is often used as it is fairly easy to obtain and perhaps less intrusive than some of the other items. It can also be used like string or twine and work as a binding.

Nail clippings

Nail clippings are another traditional personal item used in magic even if it may involve rooting around in the bathroom waste bin to find what you need. I don’t personally think they are quite as powerful as hair but they do work well.


Menstrual blood is an ancient magical fluid and although obviously only obtainable from women of a certain age it carries an immense amount of power. This bodily fluid brings power, protection, love, passion, sexuality, fertility and lunar magic.

You can add menstrual blood to most magical workings to link in yourself or a particular person. It can also be used in love magic to bind someone to you (think very carefully about whether you really want to go down that route).

Menstrual blood can also be used to anoint your magical and divination tools to give them a strong connection to you.

To bring fertility bury a terracotta pot containing menstrual blood at the foot of a fertile tree and request blessings of the fertility kind from the tree. Ask nicely and remember to compliment the tree on how wonderful it looks.

And of course the blood that flows through your veins brings magic with it too and can be used in similar ways.

Saliva – good ole spit

There is a reason why spitting is so rude other than it is quite a revolting habit but saliva is actually thought to be quite controlling. It also brings the magical properties of protection and the ability to dispel negative spirits. Spit in the direction of a perceived threat to dispel negative energy. If you don’t know what direction it is coming from spit over your left shoulder. On the positive side spit is also considered lucky and can transmit your will and intent; spit on betting tickets or lottery cards to bring good fortune.

Sexual fluids

Sexual fluids from both males and females can also be used in much the same way as menstrual blood although they have a more vulnerable magic to them. Female fluids have very strong fertility and life power magic and male fluid is believed to have very good healing properties.


Sweat although I am not sure how easy it is to actually collect droplets you can wipe a cloth across a sweaty brow or armpit. This can be used in sex and love magic quite successfully although it does have a more masculine energy.


Historically one of the most common ingredients found in witches bottles that were buried in walls and chimneys of old houses, funnily enough originally used to protect against witches. Your pee is obviously very personal to you and can be used in protection, territory and domination magic.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 24.4.17


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