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Pebble Collecting Permission

Last week we visited Cornwall and one of the places we discovered was Widemouth Bay.

It was stunning.

We had already visited several bays and coves including Tintagel and Boscastle, all of which were lovely but none of which inspired me to bring home any gifts. Until we hit Widemouth Bay.

As soon as we parked in the fabulously named Black Rock Car Park, I felt the energy. The beach is as the name suggests, wide. Long stretches of sandy beach backed by rock cliffs. There is a 'black rock' sitting just past the edge of the water and lots of other low rocks which form amazing rock pools when the tide goes out. The sand is scattered with pale grey rocks and pebbles each one shot through with white stripes of quartz.

The whole energy and feel of the place was amazing.

It was mid afternoon and the sun was shining although there was quite a breeze, following on from a morning of rain. The beach wasn't empty but it also wasn't crowded with picnickers or families. In fact it seemed to be more of a dog walking place.

We walked along the beach and investigated the rock pools. As we wandered I sent out my spidey senses and connected with the energy of the land and the water.

I then asked. Because I NEVER collect any kind of item whether it is a stone, a shell or a leaf without first asking permission. What I prefer to do is just ask for a 'gift' from Mother Nature, the less specific I am the better. So I put out a request for a gift to take home with me. And I was more than rewarded.

The first pebble caught my eye with a sparkle and seemed very happy to be collected and put in my pocket. It didn't want to be alone and was joined by several other small pebbles and a couple of pieces of driftwood. Whilst I was exploring I also received an image in my mind for an ocean based altar, this led me to discover a couple of larger flat stones that would serve perfectly as an altar.

I will be honest, I didn't connect the energy of any of the other places we visited on our trip to Cornwall. Until the Widemouth beach, there was something very special about it.

Once I had my gifts, I sent out my gratitude to the beach and the water. I didn't leave an offering as I didn't want to leave anything tangible. But I offered my thanks in abundance.

The stones have been sitting out in my garden since we returned, they have been washed by the storm we had last night with rain, thunder and lightening and blessed by the full moon energy which also happens to be in Scorpio (my sign). Tomorrow I will bring them in and set up an altar.

Disclaimer: I am fairly certain that removing stones from the beach, any beach, is illegal. So my disclaimer here is that I didn't do it, it wasn't me, nobody can prove it...

What I do suggest is not being greedy or stupid about it. A couple of pebbles to pop on your altar is not going to disrupt the eco system or structure of the beach. Obviously please don't go loading shovels full of shingle into your car.


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