Post Pagan Tribal Gathering

Confession: I don't 'do' camping. It's not that I haven't done so in the past because I have. It's also not because I don't love being outside and under the stars, because I do. It is mainly all hinged on the stupid bowel disease I have and needing to be in close proximity to facilities (which is probably more information than you needed to know).

However...when I was invited to speak at the Pagan Tribal Gathering the offer of a B&B instead of a tent was dangled in front of me and I jumped at it.

Myself, Ness and Heather made the journey to the camp site to discover it was a wonderful setting, large open fields, a pond complete with baby ducks and a very nice comfortable B&B. Perfect.

We also very quickly discovered two things.

  1. The whole event was incredibly well organised.

  2. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming.

For the entire weekend we had an absolute blast and I don't think we stopped laughing the whole time.

Talks, workshops, stalls with wonderful goodies, red tents with amazing people, drumming, fire, rituals, labyrinth, dancing, singing, music and yummy food vans.

Our heartfelt thanks to Pia, Ashley and the entire crew for putting it all together and for all the hard work that went into it behind the scenes and during the event. It was your energy that made it all such a success.

Roll on next year...