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Reno: How much junk do we have?

The start date for our house renovation grows ever closer...

We have started to pack away things that we don't use regularly.

Seriously, how much junk do we accumulate over time? I packed away probably three quarters of the items from the kitchen cupboards nearly two weeks ago and I haven't missed any of it.

This week was the turn of my beloved books. I have a lot of books. Shelf upon shelf of cook books for starters. And not to mention even more books on Witchcraft, Paganism and all the other associated pathways. Not forgetting my prized Terry Pratchett hardback collection.

All now in boxes. I feel bereft.

Of course I kept back a small stack for reading and research over the next few weeks.

The pictures have all come down from the walls. All bar my Sulis wall hanging which I am clinging onto 'til the bitter end.

And my altars, alas all of my poor altars (there were quite a few). All now packed away into tidy brown cardboard boxes. I couldn't be left with nothing though, so I kept back a small ceramic goddess figure and my Water Priestess working dish.

The house feels strange. A little empty and echoing.

We still have our desks set up and are continuing to work as we have been, but when I turn around the walls behind me are bare.

The house seems to be holding her breath.

Next on the list is the cupboard under the stairs. Who knows what delights and treasures we will discover. Items that found their way there over the past twenty five years and have not seen the light of day since. Although I am doubtful that we will find a teenage wizard living under there, but you never know.

A big shout out to who have been incredibly patient in answering all of our incessant queries. This is all new to us and they have been holding our hand right from the start.


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