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Renovations: Week Eighteen

We have had a quiet week, which enabled Pete and I to take a couple of days off to chill and get out to the beach and garden centres.

No work men in this week because we are coming to the end of all the work!

Tom the fabulous carpenter is away in his secret lair (possibly a magical cave under a mountain somewhere) preparing and creating the fitted units that are going to go under our stairs. There was talk of reclaimed wood and blow torches...

The demolition and building works were all completed yonks ago, the garden design is done and dusted and the painting is all now finished too.

So, what's left?

Aforementioned Tom in his cave of wonder, the fitted units should be in place within the next couple of weeks. Then he will be able to do the finishing touches to the kitchen too, adjusting the cupboard doors, removing the protective film and fitting the handles.

There are a couple of tiny snag jobs involving a bit of down pipe and boxing in and that will be that.

Once that's done the flooring will go in and that's the last job, huzzah!

Technically we are at week 19, but we didn't count the week off for Christmas. It may seem like a long time and I must admit it does now feel like forever, but there was a huge amount of work to be done.

I thought as there isn't much on this week, I would share the list of works that were done. Basically we turned the original kitchen into a new study, made the old dining room into a kitchen and turned the conservatory space into an extension for the dining area.

  • Demolish old conservatory.

  • Build brick extension including all foundations, proper roof, fully insulated roof, walls and floor. Side window and end French doors.

  • Design and landscape garden, including new fencing and patio build.

  • Remove existing windows and door from end of house.

  • Demolish two large chimney breasts in old kitchen and dining room.

  • Plaster boarding and plastering of walls in three rooms.

  • Remove two large wattle and daub ceilings, put up new plaster board and plaster.

  • Fit new kitchen in old dining room including all new pipework and venting for cooker hood.

  • Demolish old kitchen and remove all pipework, put up new plasterboard and plaster.

  • Rebuild utility room end wall and put in new window.

  • Re-fit new sink and toilet to cloakroom (downstairs toilet) and re-plaster walls.

  • Boxing in of pipes in cloakroom.

  • Tiling for the kitchen backsplash and behind sink in cloakroom.

  • Remove understairs cupboards and re-fit with custom built units and shelving.

  • Build bespoke fitted shelving in new study.

  • New skirting board throughout.

  • Painting throughout each room - walls, ceilings, woodwork

  • New central heating boiler, moved from upstairs and installed in new kitchen

  • Four new radiators fitted.

  • New electrical fuse box fitted.

  • Downlighters fitted in ceilings in three rooms.

  • New (and plenty of them!) electrical sockets fitted to study, kitchen and dining area.

  • Move existing internet hub from front of the house to central location under stairs.

  • Create socket hub in new study with plug sockets, usb sockets and ethernet cable access.

  • Outside light and electric supply fitted in garden.

  • Clearance of rubbish and debris - I lost count of how many trips were made for this!

In the next few weeks I will be sharing some before and after pictures, once all the work is finished so you will be able to see the full transformation.

We would also like to say a big thank you to 'nanny'. Without her this would not have been possible. Pete's lovely mum, who we always refer to as 'nanny' sadly passed away at the beginning of 2021. It was Pete's share of the inheritance from the sale of her house that enabled us to afford to do this renovation. I had always dreamed of having a big kitchen and moving it to the larger room and opening it onto the garden, I just never thought it would happen. ♥


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