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Renovations: Week Eleven

A quiet start to the week for the first couple of days.

Wednesday afternoon Phil the Electrician arrived with box loads of light and socket fittings. It all looked very technical. He was back on Thursday fitting little lights in all the ceilings, plug sockets and switches along with a fancy waterproof outside socket. We have plans for a water feature in the garden at some point. He also fitted an outside light or what we like to refer to as 'an Eric poop security light'. Our 1960's fuse box was also condemned (and rightly so) to be replaced with a sparkly new one.

Thursday a crew arrived to clear all the rubbish that had accumulated at the front and in the garden, it is surprising how quickly it all mounts up. Including Jason the landscaper who headed straight outside and started discussing patio plans.

Thursday we had a dynamic duo with Harry and Aiden (who has been dubbed the cookie monster) to doing some 'finishing up' jobs, which was excellent. The window and French doors are now fully sealed and all pretty and the utility room is now fully insulated and plaster boarded. Harry also leveled the machines so they don't dance about when switched on! We also had some pipes above the new boiler that needed boxing in. Harry had the absolute genius idea of using some of the kitchen off cuts, so the box matches the kitchen perfectly.

Friday the duo were back bright and early and cracking on with odd jobs including moving the huge fridge freezer into its rightful place which was no mean feat!

Friday we were also visited by the Wren quartz worktop team who fitted our sparkly new worktop and I mean sparkly, I may have chosen one that has glitter in.

We also had a visit from boss man Dan this week to check all was good in the hood and to do a round up of bits outstanding.

We are getting there!


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