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Renovations: Week Four

And we draw a close on week four of the house renovation.

Our site manager Neil and his team are absolutely the most cheerful crew ever!

This week has involved a lot of bricks and breeze blocks being delivered, along with huge bags of sand. All for the bricklayers to crack on with building the extension (in place of the original conservatory).

The ceiling has also been removed in the old kitchen along with a lot of the chimney breast, this room will become our study.

We had a visit from the electrician this week who went through every room making a long list of our requirements. He was extremely helpful and made some very useful suggestions that we hadn't thought of.

The plumber also took at a look at our boiler, which we knew needed replacing. I suspect he thought it was antique and seemed surprised it was still working (that's a new one of those on the list then!).

We also had to choose radiators, who knew there were so many choices for a radiator? We are either the best customers ever or the worst - we just said 'whatever you think is best' or 'we don't mind' when asked about everything.

So things are moving along very nicely. There is A LOT of dust, but the crew are doing their very best to keep it to a minimum. It is just a good excuse for me not to do the housework at the moment, and I am not going to argue with that.


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