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Renovations: Week Fourteen

Week fourteen began bright and early Monday morning as the foreman Louis arrived. He began by tiling the back splash in the kitchen. Mid morning Pete went downstairs to make a round of tea and immediately called me to come and look. With half the tiles up already it looked absolutely fantastic. Mid afternoon and all the tiles were up, it looks amazing.

This week we also saw the ever smiling carpenter, Tom. He did a few odd jobs but primarily sorted a bounce issue with the extension floor. We had noticed that the floor had become quite springy and mentioned it to boss man Dan last week. This week it has all been sorted by Tom - and tested by Pete and Tom both dancing and jumping up and down on it (it was a sight to behold).

Louis has been a resident with us this week and it has been an absolute pleasure, he is a total superstar. Tiling the kitchen, adding a vent to the utility room, tiling the cloakroom back splash and fitting and plumbing in the cloakroom sink. He has also sealed the outside of the utility room and built a stand for the tumble dryer. He is super multi talented, friendly, efficient and a jolly nice chap.

It was a pleasure to also get a visit from Taylor this week too, ably assisting Louis. Eric was particularly happy to see him!

The painters have been in the end of this week, the kitchen now has some colour and it is looking very smart too.

We are on the 'home straight'.

Painting still to do which will they are hoping to finish by end of January.

Tom the carpenter is away in his secret workshop creating fitted cupboards/book shelving/vinyl storage so that will be fitted once he is finished designing and prepping. He will also finish the final touches on the kitchen once the landscaping is done, adding the handles to the cabinets etc.

And then the landscaping in the garden, the addition of a patio to enable us to step straight out of the French doors (currently we step onto two breeze blocks) and have a seating area. But let's be honest, we probably won't add seats, it will more likely be lots of pots of plants!

We have also asked the very nice Inside Outside to fit some new fence panels in the garden too, well the old ones would have been embarrassing next to a new patio after all.

When that is all done and dusted we will get the flooring people in to lay new floor throughout.


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