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Renovations: Week Nine

A quiet start to the week with an empty house on Monday and Tuesday - waiting for the plaster to dry. It was literally a 'watching the paint dry' kinda situation. It was definitely very weird without the crew here, the house is eerily quiet.

We have had two visits this week from the very fabulous Phil the plumber (it's like a game of Happy Families here!). He sorted out pipework ready for the next steps.

Wednesday Tom the Carpenter/Kitchen Fitter landed (see, I told you it was a game of Happy Families, I am hoping Mr Bun the Baker will arrive at some point with lots of cake...). He has spent his time playing 'kitchen jenga' putting all the kitchen units in place. It looked scarily complicated to us, but he took it all in his stride and even made a couple of improvements to the original plan. He has all the base units in now ready for the worktop people to template on Monday. Hopefully the rest of the units will go up next week, but it is starting to take shape.

We also met the Painting Crew this week who came to check it all out and get our colour choices.

Dan the Boss Man has been in a couple of times this week as well, checking everything is all going to plan and talking to Eric.

We also had to choose a toilet for the cloakroom, seriously who knew there were so many different toilets to pick from? I may have also been overly excited about finding some antique Alice in Wonderland tiles for the sink back splash. Tiles for the kitchen back splash have also been delivered.

This morning (Friday) the extension window and French doors arrived. The scariest part was the look on the delivery man's face when he realised it might not fit through the front door! A tape measure later and a bit of jiggery pokery and the frame just fitted through. And I mean just, you couldn't have fitted a wafer thin mint in the gap.

Both Phil the Plumber and Tom the Carpenter have gone above and beyond this week to make things happen.

And as always a big thank you to Dan and Louise for keeping it all ticking over behind the scenes.

I must admit we are feeling the strain this week for the first time, as week nine comes to a close. Nine weeks of working and sleeping in the one room. The past eleven days while the lounge is full of kitchen units we have been confined to the one room in the evenings and weekend too. We are trying to just keep our eyes on the goal though, it will be worth it in the end.



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