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Renovations: Week Seven

Goodbye week seven of the renovation!

Our crew; Neil, Harry and Taylor have worked their cotton socks off again this week, with the addition of Tom the sparky, brickies and roofers.

This week:

We have a roof. All the woodwork is in place and the tiles have gone up too.

We also have a proper floor in the extension - that sentence sounds too short for the amount of work that went into it. Barrow loads of soil were dug out, water proofing was laid, cement was put in, wooden joists were set in place and then boarding over the top. A lot of work went into creating that floor!

The old kitchen is now completely empty, the sink disappeared this week and the brick work where the chimney breast was taken out has all been squared off.

All the ceilings now have plaster board.

Any holes in the walls or gaps where the steels went in have now been filled.

This morning our crew was meant to join the other crews and go on a company breakfast. Ours made the decision to stay at work to get jobs finished before the weekend. That is how dedicated they are. So instead we ordered breakfast in for them, they have totally earnt it. We did laugh when their order came written out on a piece of plaster board!

Big huge thank you to the crew as always. To Neil the site manager who is always incredibly patient when I greet him first thing in the morning clutching pieces of paper and a head full of queries. Also a shout out to the work that goes on behind the scenes, to the boss man, Dan who zips about sourcing and delivering supplies and regularly visits to keep up to date with the work. Along with making sure all that needs to happen that we don't see, happens! And to Louise in the office, who has been an absolute star too. Holding our hand throughout the whole event and answering all my stupid questions with total patience and understanding.

We cannot recommend these guys enough, for any kind of building work whatever it might be, you won't be disappointed.

And now we begin week eight...


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