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Renovations: Week Six

And week six of the renovations is done and dusted!

Our site manager Neil and his crew including Taylor and Harry have worked like crazy again this week.

This week:

Plaster boards have appeared on the ceilings in a couple of the rooms.

We now have the start of a roof in the extension along with velux windows.

And a large section of the end of the house above the extension has been re-bricked (if that is even a proper term) as the old brickwork was embarrassingly bad.

Lots of soil and well let's be honest...mud, has been removed from the back, so we can almost see the garden again!

A small amount of excitement occurred whilst standing in the old dining room talking to the crew about sizes of velux windows. As we stood discussing it, water began to cascade down the wall, it was quite impressive. Our youngest was having a shower in the bathroom above. Turns out the sealant around our bath was totally rubbish and was leaking, allowing water to run down the wall below. Team Inside Outside to the rescue! Like super heroes (without the capes) they leapt into action. The bath, pipes and flooring was all checked and then the bath re-sealed. Phew.

We also had the addition of Philip the Gas Engineer in on Friday and Saturday (ably assisted by Taylor) to fit a new central heating/water boiler. They literally worked from dawn til dusk to get it fitted with the minimum amount of disruption for us. Although our old boiler did try to kill him at one point...

We met Tom the chippy this week too, he came in to discuss our carpentry needs and wants. Very excited to talk about book shelves, cake stations and under stairs shoe cupboards!

Our evening entertainment is to walk around the site and see what new scribbles have been added to the walls. FYI: Builders write things on the walls!

And now we begin week seven...


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