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Renovations: Week Ten

Heading into week ten we have passed the pivot point (any Friends fans will now be shouting 'pivot, pivot'). The demolition work is done with, the plastering is finished and things are starting to be rebuilt and recreated. The shape of a home is forming.

The base units of the kitchen are in. Wren Kitchens came in Monday to template for the quartz worktop. He was a jolly nice chap who was extremely impressed with the work that Tom the superstar Carpenter had done on the kitchen so far, it made his job very easy to do what he needed to. In fact his exact quote was "perfect".

Once the kitchen build had begun we read about storm warnings this week, we were concerned the end of the house was still open to the elements (covered by plastic obviously!). We spoke to Louise about our worry and boss man Dan leapt into action. Half an hour later we had Harry and Taylor appear on our doorstep ready to install them. The feeling of relief was huge! Is it wrong to hug your building crew?

The rest of the week has been fairly quiet, with Tom the Carpenter in a couple of days cracking on with the kitchen fit and a quick visit from Tom the Electrician to deliver all his 'stash' ready for him to do the light fittings and switches next week.

Saturday Phil the Plumber/Gas Engineer was in to fit new radiators, we have gone uber modern and have a couple of the upright ones, it looks like the set of Star Trek.

With the kitchen build on the home run, it meant we could relocate the last kitchen boxes to the extension and reclaim our lounge. It took some serious cleaning, with all the layers of dust! But it has been such a relief to have a living room to sit in as an escape from the bedroom we have been living, working, eating and sleeping in for the past three weeks.

Onwards into week eleven...


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