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Review: New Forest Folklore, Traditions and Charms

I had the honour and pleasure of getting a sneak peek at a new book from author Vikki Bramshaw; New Forest Folklore, Traditions & Charms

Due out Spring 2022 with Avalonia Books

Some of the reviews:

"Traversing timeworn tracks, our guide reveals the sacred loci of spring, mound and ancient tree..." (Gemma Gary, author of Traditional Witchcraft - The Cornish Book of Ways)

"A labour of love, the author shares her personal insight and experiences along with incredibly detailed research for this captivating countryside"

(Rachel Patterson, author of Witchcraft into the Wilds and the Kitchen Witchcraft series)

"Vikki Bramshaw clearly has a great attachment to the Forest, has absorbed its lore and nature and here presents her learning in a page-turning and informative way"

(Brian Hoggard, author of ‘Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft)

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