Review: WestCountryCreations, Candle Snuffer

Over the years I have had a candle snuffer or two, but I never really got on with them, the handles were too long and the snuffer bit wobbles about...

Anyway...I thought I would try again, and then I discovered these gorgeous ceramic candle snuffers created by West Country Creations. They don't have long handles to get in the way, or wobbly bits - perfect!

I may have also purchased one or two as gifts because they are so lovely. They come in all kinds of designs such as hares, bees and the Green Man. I plumped for an ammonite one.

Take a peek at their etsy site

They arrived quickly and well packaged and I was really pleased with them.

The snuffer is also really easy and practical to use and works on all sizes of candle including tea lights.


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