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Rise of the Machines: Dishwasher Debacle

For those of you that have been following my dishwasher disaster on social media. Here is the full and current story.

As of today I have also emailed the Managing Director of Hisense and raised a complaint case with Currys through Resolve UK. We await...

27th November 2021

Ordered a Hisense HV671C60UK integrated dishwasher from Currys online (£429)

Serial no. 14630141

7th December 2021

Dishwasher delivered

Due to our kitchen being fitted and Christmas the unit was not installed and set up until 6th January.

We ran a test wash and on the first run it came up with an F54 error.

I telephoned Hisense and spoke to Duncan who gave some suggestions which I passed onto our fitter. Unfortunately there was no resolution.

11th January 2022

Our fitter phoned the helpline and spoke to Melissa who advised we email.

Hisense replied the same day and advised an engineer would visit on 20th January.

Reference number 10151049

20th January 2022

The engineer did not turn up.

24th January 2022

The engineer arrived and discovered that the machine must have been dropped quite heavily before delivery, the insulation was all broken underneath and one corner was dented. When you run it, water leaks out from underneath. The machine is completely unusable.

Spoke to Currys who advised they required an uplift number from Hisense to arrange replacement.

Spoke to Hisense who advised they don’t give out uplift numbers.

1st February 2022

Ping ponging backwards and forwards between Hisense and Currys to try and get someone to take responsibility.

Eventually drove around to Currys store and spoke to someone who advised as the machine was outside of 21 days they would need to pass the case onto another department.

4th February 2022

Broken dishwasher was collected and replaced by Currys with a new machine serial no 1503004C

Our fitter installed the second dishwasher, which wouldn’t even switch on.

(Note: When unpacked, we discovered the dishwasher was wet inside as if it had been used. I wonder if it was a reconditioned unit?)

Went around to Currys to advise. They phoned Hisense who advised they needed to email.

5th February 2022

Currys phoned to say they had emailed Hisense.

9th February 2022

Having heard nothing from Currys we phoned Hisense who arranged for an engineer to come out 23rd February 2022.

22nd February 2022

I emailed Hisense to double check an engineer would be coming out the next day, they confirmed the appointment.

23rd February 2022

Received a text message at 7.30am saying:

Good morning your job has been cancelled as previous engineer wrote off

Please ring office to discuss

23rd February 2022

Phoned Hisense to be told their systems were down and they would phone back.

Received a call in the afternoon from 0800 service to apologise, a clerical error had caused the engineer to cancel. They re-booked a visit, for Thursday 3rd March, they couldn’t get anyone out any sooner.

So we now sit here again waiting for this to be resolved. THREE MONTHS without a working dishwasher.

EDIT - update 26th February 2022 - an engineer came out - earlier than the original date as they had a cancellation. He condemned the second brand new machine as the circuit board was fried.

28th February 2020 - Pete visited Currys, Portsmouth to explain the situation. They phoned Hisense to get an uplift number. Hisense refused to authorise a replacement. They would only agree to a repair. They stated their warranty began in November when the first machine was delivered, so it was now out of date and they would only agree to a repair. Even the Currys assistant was shocked! However, the very lovely Julie in Currys customer service worked some jiggery pokery magic. We took the faulty Hisense machine back into Currys, and Julie ordered us a replacement Bosch machine, which should be delivered this week.

High praise to Julie from Currys Customer Service, Portsmouth - she is an absolute star. Plagues of locusts to the pants of Hisense Customer Service.

Also a high five to Currys online customer service. I submitted a complaint through the website and Currys online replied within 24 hours asking me to keep them informed and if needed they would step in.


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