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Shields up! Shielding hints and tips…

Recently I have been seeing a lot of people on social media asking about psychic protection and shielding. And quite worryingly a few that have made statements along the lines of “I am always picking up on the energy from others. I find it totally draining but I have just accepted that is the way I am”. No, no, no! Please don’t put up with it, there really is no need.

Once you start to work with energy you also become aware and open yourself up to certain energies. You may start to become more sensitive to the emotions of those around you. And you might attract the energies of those that you would prefer to keep away.

However, I want to state now, that in my experience, a true psychic attack is extremely rare. What you may find is people that drain you without evening knowing they are doing it.

See it…

Bringing in your psychic shield involves visualisation. If you are picking up energy from others, then obviously you have an energy field too and you can strengthen that field for protection. For any Star Trek geeks out there; I visualise the ‘shields up red alert’ command in my mind and a protective bubble shield slides quickly into place around me.

You need the shield to protect you against negative energy, but you do still want the positive stuff to come through on a general basis. You don’t want to block everything out completely.

The aim of the shield is to filter out energies that may affect you in a negative way. We all have those people in our lives who, when we are around for any length of time we just feel physically drained. By placing a shield around ourselves we will be better equipped to deal with them without them being able to take our energy.

This also covers those that work with healing or holistic therapies. A shield is an absolute must as you don’t want to pick up on their poorly energy or take on their ailments.


The most common form of shield is the bubble shield.

  1. Take a few moments to ground and centre yourself.

  2. Visualise a giant bubble starting to form around you. The bubble is a flexible sphere forming six inches outside you and away from your body.

  3. The bubble is completely surrounding you, above your head, down your back, under your feet and in front of you.

  4. Your bubble may be clear, or you may want to add some colour to it, the choice is yours.

  5. Tell your bubble that it is there to keep anything harmful out, but positive things are able to flow through.

  6. When you are ready and no longer need your bubble shield, see it gently start to disperse.

Some people visualise themselves surrounded in a giant bubble which deflects negative energy away from them. The negative energy literally bouncing off the outside.

Other options

Another option is to visualise yourself pulling on a cloak of protection wrapping it around you and pulling up the hood. You may prefer the idea of a suit of armour, but remember to keep it light and flexible, seriously you don’t want to weigh yourself down with imaginary chain mail!

Crystals or jewellery can also be charged and used as a shield ‘key’. Touching your hand to a pendant around your neck can be the signal for your personal shield to activate.

If you have really gotten yourself into a tight space, you can as a short-term measure, create a protective shield with a mirrored outside or a solid impenetrable wall. I would not recommend either of these for the long term though. Because apart from being exhausting to maintain they don’t let any of the good stuff through and we all need positive energy.

Once you have the hang of shielding you can also fill the inside of your ‘bubble’ with different colours of energy, so you might like to use yellow for happiness or pink for love.

Your shield will act as a barrier and as such will interfere with the flow of energies; it is not designed to be a permanent fixture, but the use of a shield is helpful if you are going to be in a situation where you aren’t sure of the people you will be in contact with. Maybe at a party where you don’t know many people, or it can even be used in a crowded supermarket.

You may want to try out different methods until you find one that suits you and you might need to use different methods for various situations.

This isn’t a definitive ‘cure all’ option, there will still be situations, particularly in large crowds where you can feel overwhelmed. I am not suggesting this is the perfect solution but it can certainly help.

It is your shield, tailor it to suit you.

How do you shield?

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 23.8.18


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