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Spit and Polish for the Kitchen Witch Site

The Kitchen Witch forum is close to twelve years old now and the online school will celebrate ten years of being open next May.

Although it has had a few colour and pattern changes over the years the layout and fact that the website and forum were separate has not changed.

Until now...

We broke out the spit and polish and the Kitchen Witch website is now all sparkly new and we are very excited the school forum is now part of the website too. Smoother, sleeker and more user friendly.

The forum no longer clunks along circa 1985. Not that there is anything wrong with 1985, in fact I loved 1985. But technology has moved on and the forum needed a major update.

Do hop on over and take a look at the new site, it also hosts the Kitchen Witch blog too.

HUGE thanks go to:

Sue, Ness and Heather for their hours of hard work (and patience) moving all the information from the old forum to the new one. Without their help it would have taken twelve years just to move the stuff!

To hubby Pete for all the graphics artwork, and the critical eye, as always.

A special thank you to Freya's Cauldron and Suzi Ink Witch. The main images on the new site were taken from photographs of one of my altars which include beautiful witchy creations sourced from Freya and Suzi.

For current Kitchen Witch School students, please check the private student fb group or the old forum for details on how to join the new site.

Any problems please email

We look forward to stepping into the next twelve years with everyone.


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