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Super Witch…or stressed out witch?

Super Witch…or stressed out witch?

You don’t have to be a super witch and you don’t have to be perfect. You also don’t have to live in a tumble down cottage in the middle of the woods.

One comment I hear a lot is along the lines of “I can’t be a proper witch, I don’t have the time”.

I think a lot of the problem is caused by people believing that witches get up at dawn to collect the dew from the plants and in the middle of the night to pick herbs at the right moon phase. Spend all morning bent over a cauldron making lotions and potions. And then the afternoon is dedicated to meditation and spell work and of course the evening is jam packed full of rituals. Who would be able to do all that and still find time to get the children to school, do the housework and make the dinner? (It does sound like a perfect dream life though.).

I am a wife, a mother to two school age children. I have a ‘real’ part time job (the one that pays the bills). Co-run an online school. Write books, articles and blogs and I do the witchy thing too. Some days it isn’t easy. If you expect to see me collecting dew at dawn or summoning demons before breakfast then you will be wholeheartedly disappointed.

A way of life

For me witchcraft is a way of life and I have been dedicated to it for many years but it has to fit in with my schedule. If that means chanting and smudging the house at the same time as I push the hoover round or sweep the floor then that’s what happens. Contrary to Hollywood films I don’t work spells all the time for every issue. In fact in reality I probably only work spells a couple of times a month if that. And only when it is really necessary because I believe the usual mundane issues and problems can be solved with common sense solutions.

Don’t beat yourself up if you missed a full moon or even a sabbat. Seriously the ground will not open up and swallow you whole if you do.

Make it personal

I believe one hundred percent that witchcraft is a very personal journey and should be tailored to suit your needs and how you work with it will be different to the next person. My mantra is ‘follow your intuition’. Witchcraft, whether it is the tools or ingredients should not cost the earth. And it should definitely not bring you stress because you feel you ‘aren’t doing it properly’.

Think of ways to work it into your daily routine but don’t fret if you get to the end of the week or even the month and you haven’t ‘done any witchy stuff’. In reality you probably have without even realising it. Sweep the floor and visualise the negative energy being swept out of the door (or emptied out of the vacuum cleaner). Chant as you dust or peel the vegetables. Think about the magical properties of the ingredients as you make the dinner. Find two minutes to stand outside and look up at the moon and ask for her blessings. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

You cannot be all things to everyone all the time, because someone will lose out and it will usually be you.

The Craft is within YOU and it doesn’t matter how much you neglect it because of ‘life’ it will still be there when you are ready.

Do something for you

Having said that, working with the Craft is rewarding and can only benefit you and your inner witch. If you can work just even little bits into your daily routine it will be worthwhile.

For instance, a lot of books and witch gurus will tell you that you need to dress in specific robes for ritual. And whilst I do love a bit of dressing up to honour the gods it isn’t always possible, practical or affordable. Deity, Mother Nature, the Divine or whoever will appreciate your attention even if you are wearing your pyjamas.

Don’t think you can’t perform a ritual because you don’t have four hours to; take a cleansing bath, put on your robes, consecrate the area and your tools, write it all out and still have time to perform the ritual in between the school run and making dinner. Whilst I do recommend ‘all the whistles and bells’ if you are working complicated magic and on occasion just for the sheer experience of it all. You can also just step outside your back door dressed in jeans and give a little blessing ritual to Mother Nature. Check in with all the elements, give a nod to Mother Earth and Father Sky and pop some seed out for the birds. Just stand and breathe in the energy that Mother Nature provides. It only takes a couple of minutes. You can even do this whilst hanging out the washing.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to complicate things when you are pressed for time – keep it simple. Do what you can, when you can and don’t judge your efforts by those of others. Some people have a lot of free time, others may just have a superbly organised routine (oh how I wish…) and a few will just be pretending they do it all.

It is YOUR journey, YOUR rules and YOUR pathway to take. Cut yourself some slack and do what you can.

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you can set aside even ten minutes a day just to meditate it is a start. You will reap the rewards from doing it. Your health and wellbeing are just as important as those that you care for and run around after. So don’t forget to make time for you.

Follow your heart, trust your intuition and make The Craft work for you.

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 5.10.17


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