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The daily devotions of a Kitchen Witch

I was asked recently “so what does a Kitchen Witch do on a daily basis?” …

I did successfully resist the urge to reply with “oh, I raise demons from the fiery pits of Hades before breakfast, then torture souls of the damned until lunch and after that I push small children into ovens…” But it was tempting…

The reality

I am a working wife and mother with school age children so my daily devotions must fit into my schedule. I have to organise school runs, do the housework, laundry, cook the dinner and all the other exciting household chores along with working a ‘real job’ (I am a Personal Assistant), the one that pays the bills. Add in the co-running of an online school of witchcraft and book writing I am kept pretty busy (or to look at it another way I am kept out of trouble…most of the time).

Get organised

I have discovered through trial and error that the key is to be organised, very organised otherwise chaos reigns… I schedule each day and have a diary filled with bullet points, some are work related (send invoice, type presentation etc.) Others are daily duties such as checking emails and posting blogs but I also put family and social time into the diary. My husband and I lead such busy lives we have found that we need to put ‘date days’ into the diary and ‘family weekends’ just so that we have the right balance.

My haven

One of my first practices of the day is to step out into my garden, it is only small but it is my haven. By venturing outside every morning, I can check the weather, the plants and get a gauge on the energy for the day. I might dead head some flowers or check and water the seedlings or top up the bird feeder. All depending on the time of year and what needs doing. I see this as part of my spiritual practice, I am connecting with not only nature but also the spirits of the plants in my garden and the magical energy of the day.

Just a couple of minutes

I do have the luxury of working from home so in between checking emails, typing up presentations, book writing or replying to witchcraft homework I can also take a few minutes out to just focus on one of my altars (I have several). Even if it is just a couple of minutes to pop some fresh flowers in a vase in front of the Cailleach image.

My journey

I also see book and blog writing and teaching as part of my spiritual journey. By sharing what I have learnt and the knowledge gained along the way (and mistakes I have made) with others I also become part of the learning process, expanding my own knowledge and spiritual awakening.

Although the training early on in my journey was Wicca I have veered away from structured ceremony quite a lot but I do still like to study. At the moment I am on an Avalon adventure working with the mysteries that the Isle of Apples holds. So, I do try to make time in the afternoon, even if it is just half an hour to work with a meditation or a short ritual to open up my own experiences.

And in the kitchen

And of course, one of the main features of a being a Kitchen Witch is cooking and at some point during the day I will prepare the evening meal. I love to cook, especially baking and I find the whole process totally magical. The ingredients can be charged with magical intent and the way you stir and chop also holds specific energies.

Even the housework can have added magic. When I vacuum, I visualise negative energy being removed, the same when I dust and not a day goes by without incense being lit.

Working magic

On specific moon phases, especially the new moon I will work a short candle magic spell, nothing fancy and usually with whatever herbs and ingredients I have to hand. I am always guided by my intuition for spell work but I certainly don’t work spells every day, not even every week. Often a spell will simply be lighting a candle and working with visualisation.

No, I don't...

No, I don’t get up before dawn and collect the dew from plants and I certainly don’t spend my entire day hunched over a cauldron – sheesh who has time for that? But I do try to work little bits of magic into my day here and there. For me it is about living the life of a witch and making it work within your daily routine and mundane chores.

You don't have to be a Super Witch - It is about making magic work for you…

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 13.3.17


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