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Weathering the Storm

The fabulous team over at Moon Books publishing got together and have produced a downloadable ebook called Weathering the Storm.

I am extremely proud to have contributed a couple of articles.

"Written in three parts, psychological, spiritual and practical, Weathering the Storm is an anthology offering support to those of us who are isolated or vulnerable.

The book has a primary Pagan focus but will be of interest to all those interested in Mind Body Spirit matters and in alternative lifestyles and spiritualities.

Covering areas from loneliness and anxiety, self-care and gardening, to cooking and crystals, Weathering the Storm is a book designed to help everyone through uneasy, unprecedented times.

A complementary compendium of hope, from the writers and publishers behind Moon Books."

Head on over to the Moon Books website to find stockists, but the usual suspects have it for download - Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

For the lucky people that are in the US, you will find it is a free download.

Anyone using will unfortunately have to pay 99p - but it is a bargain!

Pre-order now for publication 15th May 2020


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